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Your Dream Vacation, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

ARIES: Hawaii

The idea of escaping everyday life is about getting the adrenaline flowing. Aries should vacation somewhere with a mountainous landscape to help you channel your inner competitive spirit.

TAURUS: Turks and Caicos

Taurus wants to be indulged and be surrounded by visually pleasing things. A refreshing trip for the mind, body, and soul is just what the doctor ordered.

GEMINI: Mexico

An Instagramable destination is where Geminis feel most inspired. Their spontaneous personality can truly shine. Book a trip to a hotspot, and don’t forget to bring the camera!

CANCER: Canada

Ruled by the crab, this sign gravitates towards a secluded getaway away from the world. A cozy cabin in the woods would be the perfect retreat for this moody sign.

LEO: Switzerland

Leo desires to go somewhere they can feel vibrant and alive. They are all about self-expression and self-love. A solo retreat to a luxurious spa and 5-star hotel is right up their alley.

LIBRA: Italy

Libra looks for two things in a perfect vacation: beauty and community. They hate feeling isolated from the crowd, so they must go somewhere that encourages feelings of social connectedness. A hostel-style hotel would be the perfect way for Libra to interact with others while simultaneously visiting a new place.

VIRGO: Spain

Virgo is significantly curious about culture and heritage when visiting a new place. They want to feel immersed in a different lifestyle. They want to travel like a local, not a tourist. Virgo should embark on a new country and immerse themselves in everything unique and exciting.

SCORPIO: Morocco

Though Scorpio is a water sign, they can’t help but feel alive in the desert. A glamping getaway is a perfect way for them to connect with themselves spiritually.


Sagittarius is the ultimate tourist. They are always down to wander and visit new places. Their ideal vacation would be someplace warm and therapeutic. A yoga retreat in the jungle or a beach getaway is the perfect trip for Sagittarius to connect with themselves spiritually.


Capricorns must feel like they’re accomplishing something, even on vacation. A trip with plenty of physically challenging and rewarding activities is perfect for them to enjoy themselves while staying active.


The two most important considerations for the Aquarius traveler are intellectual stimulation and creativity. They want to be somewhere foreign and learn about the cultural heritage of a place.

PISCES: Maldives

Pisces is a spiritually-focused sign with an attachment to water. The character should journey somewhere where they can integrate with the natural world. Their dream would be a trip to an exotic tropical island or quaint seaside town.

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