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The Life Episode That Has The Greatest Influence On Each Sign

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The one where you surrender.

You are so dedicated Aries. In your world, everything is a matter of how hard you need to try. There’s nothing you can’t do, accomplish, or win. So you will be impacted most by the life chapter that teaches you to give up. To let go of a grudge you’ve been holding. To stop putting in 100% for someone who will never meet you halfway. To not continue a cycle of hurt by getting in that last word. To witness what happens when you don’t fight yourself with a string of logic, and instead listen to your heart, giving in to what it wants most. The chapter where you learn that there are certain circumstances in which doing nothing is exactly the right answer. Where you give Dido’s “White Flag” a break from being your life anthem.

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The one where you discover your worth.

There is nothing you can’t appraise, Taurus. You know what things cost, in dollars, hours, sweat, and luck. You see the bizarre relativity between each of the choices we make and the things we are able to enjoy in life because of them. You see how the cards can be stacked in or against our favor before we even begin to play the game. And so, the life chapter that is most impactful for you, is the one in which you realize that designing your own value structure is the only way for your to truly quantify and qualify your own worth. The standards society has relied upon by default can’t measure up to what you bring to the table, what you have in store for the world. Once you make your own rules, you will be able to live by them.

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The one where you choose yourself.

You’ve made several choices in life Gemini, in various aspects of your life, that you see as having a lasting impact. Educational choices, career choices, relationship choices, lifestyle choices in which you were originally in the driver’s seat, but now feel swept away by the results. The life chapter that will impact you most is the one where you realize that the choices you’ve made in the past are not obligations for your present or your future. A job where you are undervalued, or a relationship where you are under-appreciated is not a comeuppance for having chosen those things in the first place. Once you change your mindset you will unshackle yourself from the life paths you feel bound to, and open your eyes to all of the other alternatives you have to pursue.

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The one where you take a risk.

You are so responsible, Cancer, and maybe all of that self-sufficiency masks a fear of disappointment. If you don’t need anyone to take care of you, there’s no risk of them failing to do so. You plan for every emergency, every mishap, and every possible outcome. Except life is impossible to ever be fully prepared for. The life chapter that will impact you the most is the one where you go all in on something without knowing the odds in advance. Where you truly put yourself out there by taking a risk, by thinking “There is a chance, however small, that something amazing could come from this, and I won’t be able to forgive myself down I never even try”. Emotional scrapes and bruises are temporary discomforts when compared to the aches and pains of regret.

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The one where you leave home.

You can’t help but have a comfort zone, Leo. You make friends wherever you go and thrive off social interaction. But there are times in life when you’ll need to leave that comfort zone in order to grow. The life chapter that will impact you most is one where traveling for an extended period of time or moving somewhere new will provide you with much-needed experiences and exposure to different viewpoints with the power to expand your horizons. What you value most is connecting with other people, and what better way to connect with as many people as possible than by opening yourself up to all the world has to offer? You will absorb the context and content with which you will better relate to others. To share in the human experience, you must first experience it.

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The one where you let your shell crack.

You have this impenetrable quality, Virgo. No chink to be found in your armor, ever, but all of this scrutiny builds up a persona, an image, a reputation. Pressure builds. And the life chapter that impacts you the most is when you have your Titanic moment and realize that the unsinkable ship became famous for sinking. Your flawless exterior is not the most interesting thing about you. Of all the ways to prepare an egg, does anyone ever eat the shell? No. So once you let go of the facade, and show all of the human, messy, deliciously yolky parts of who you are to the world, that is when people won’t be able to get enough. Won’t be able to look away. Won’t be able to compare you to anyone else. Because you’ll finally stop hiding your uniqueness.

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The one where you realize what you’ve been missing.

You’re so well-rounded, Libra, no one could accuse you of neglecting any of your needs, but sometimes, as we fit together the bigger pieces in the mosaic of our lives, we miss the little gaps that form, the spaces in between. The life chapter that will impact you most is the one in which you figure out what belongs in those gaps. The things perhaps we assign the least credit to in our lives have the most impact. Going for a walk. Reading a book. A spritz of perfume before you walk out the door. A morning podcast or playlist. The things that bring consistent joy and renewal to our pursuits and endeavors. The water wings keep us afloat while we kick as hard as we can to reach our goals.

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The one where you get swept off your feet.

You see yourself as a chef de la romance, Scorpio. You know the general ingredients that are needed to create infatuation, sexual tension, and lust, and can whip something up with whatever leftovers you find around the home (or on your phone). But the life chapter that will impact you the most is the one where you realize falling in love is like discovering an ingredient you’ve never heard of before. It’s like learning to cook with oyster sauce or chile de árbol or fresh herbs. Your life will never be the same again, and your palette will never be able to lower its standards again. You will discover that with emotions, like flavor, the deeper the better, and both need patience and time to develop.

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The one where you feel it all at once.

Your life fluctuates, Sagittarius, between the chapters where you absorb information, and those where you process it. Your adventures, your travels, and your risk-taking can be the most enjoyable times in your life because you have a strong need to be active and to be doing. But the chapter that impacts you the most is the one where you allow yourself to feel the emotions that have built up from those experiences. When you slow down and sit with your fears, your regrets, your longings and acknowledge them for what they are, the things you’ve been trying to run away from. When you work through this psychological build you can reframe the personal narratives you’ve been developing about yourself. The things you feel most negatively about can sometimes be the impetus that propels you to where you need to be.

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The one where you figure out what’s not adding up.

You are your life’s own forensic accountant, Capricorn. You keep track of every credit and deposit made. It’s how you take stock in your life and evaluate where you’re at, at any given point. The life chapter that impacts you most is the one where you identify the errant cipher. It will take you an absorbent amount of time. Running through lists. Tallying and re-tallying. Checking every step of your work. Not being able to understand why everything isn’t adding up to your expected total. One of two things will occur. You will realize something was valued incorrectly, wasn’t bringing as much to the table as you originally thought, or you will realize your expected total has been wrong all along, that you were made to expect more than what was right in front of you.

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The one where you peel the onion back further.

You never shy away from a problem or issue, Aquarius. You listen to both sides, no matter how polarized the views, but rarely does any argument you hear fully satisfy your need to understand things on a deeper level. The life chapter that impacts you most is the one where you peel back the onion to reveal that subtext, the additional layer hiding underneath. What is the motivation for that point of view? What emotions does it contain? Is it fear? A desire for control? Hatred? Manipulation? It will be difficult for you to face some of these truths head-on, but it will help refine your worldview as you begin to identify what can be taken at face value from what is a smokescreen for some larger issue, and you will know what questions to ask.

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The one where you connect the dots.

Everyone knows you have a sixth sense, Pisces. How you follow your gut before you even understand where it’s trying to take you, you just know it wants you to get moving. The life chapter that impacts you most is the one where you connect all of the dots. Like a cork case board in a TV thriller, with a ticking clock and a case to solve, there you’ll be analyzing the different parts of your life, of your personality, and suddenly a bigger picture will come into view. The image will sharpen into something immediately recognizable. Seemingly unrelated incidents in your experience thus far will illustrate your inherent qualities and acquired accomplishments. Your courage, your trustworthiness, your open-mindedness. The steps you have taken and are continuing to take will have their purpose revealed.

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