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What Type Of Woman Do Zodiac Men Prefer!

What kind of woman he prefers, depending on his zodiac sign

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It is said that a man’s preferences in the matter of women have their roots somewhere in childhood, the mother being the first female model and the cornerstone of future relationships. However, astrological characteristics also have a say in the choices they make. Here is what type of woman the men of the zodiac prefer.


He is always the center of attention and you will always see him surrounded by women. He is a romantic guy and a great lover, and the luckiest woman who will have him must be intelligent, know how to communicate with men, be direct, without hiding, whims or tricks. In fact, they are often very attracted to boyish women, with a spirit of initiative, who know what they want and can take care of themselves. Aries has many plans, which he likes to fulfill to his heart’s content, he works hard and earns very well, but he spends excessively because of the extravagances that characterize him.

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Taurus men are consistent and very practical in any life situation. They don’t want to be taken by surprise, they work hard for everything they have and they want their work to be recognized and respected. He prefers women with generous shapes, quiet and a little talkative in appearance, but passionate and unleashed in the bedroom. I am quite difficult to conquer, but when I am in a happy relationship, I do my best to defend the honor of the person I love, even entering into physical conflicts if necessary.

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They have an unstable temperaments and are adventurous on all levels. It is not excluded to have numerous premarital relationships. They like active, energetic, adventurous women like them, sporty or even boyish. He wouldn’t say no to a naive blond bunny. They are charming, have a sense of humor, and are easy to please. They are sexy and seductive, but they get bored quickly in the bedroom, making it difficult for wives to always come up with something new to keep the flame of passion burning.

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A convinced family man, Cancer is devoted to his life partner. Very sensitive, he likes to overwhelm his chosen one with love and well-chosen gifts. He puts his soul into everything he does and adores his mother, with whom he has a special relationship. The ideal Cancer partner must not be arrogant, with dubious tastes and an ostentatiously sexy appearance, but sensitive, refined, feminine to the tip of the nails, and slightly dependent, even emotionally, on him. He likes to take care of the woman in his life, whom he sees as the most beautiful of all.

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He is charismatic and likes the attention given to him. He is independent, optimistic, and confident in his abilities. He has a highly developed sense of duty but tends to be despotic with those he considers inferior to him. He likes luxury and tends to be attracted to extravagant women, with impeccable appearance, very well dressed, with opulent jewelry and accessories, who are confident in their charms and appearance and maybe a little arrogant. He is equally attracted to famous models in the fashion industry or actresses.

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For the Virgo man, order, logic and reason are keywords that define their existence and this is exactly what they look for in their ideal partner, who must be intelligent, balanced, and natural. She prefers the natural look to one loaded with make-up and is very particular about her appearance and body cleanliness. He is intelligent, although not very confident in his own strength, and does not show his emotions too often, but he is very happy when the chosen one of his heart treats him with respect and admiration.

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The Libra man is charming, with an athletic body, sociable and communicative. He knows how to be pleasant, has a sense of humor, and puts soul and energy into everything he does. He likes women with impeccable physical appearance, cultured, well-mannered, and who can make a good impression wherever they go. In fact, for him, beauty occupies the first place on the scale of virtues. He has a very developed aesthetic sense, but he can become narcissistic, superficial, spendthrift, and obsessed with his own person. One of their greatest qualities is the ability to tirelessly pick it up, regardless of how bad the circumstances that brought them down.

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No Scorpio man can go unnoticed, regardless of his physical appearance or age. He has the gift of fascinating the opposite sex, but he is also fascinated by mysterious women, with a complicated, conflicting, or even dark temperament. He is easily motivated by money, social status or desire, but he takes into account, sometimes to extremes, his own moral values. He will be faithful to the partner he loves until the end. Rumors about their insatiable sexual appetite are exaggerated, but he is, indeed, passionate in the bedroom.

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The Sagittarius man is cheerful, optimistic, and looks for the funny side of any situation; he makes relationships easily and does very well in his career as well. He prefers cheerful, active, positive women, who have an extremely developed sense of humor, is athletic, and with a natural appearance. For him, a sense of humor is the main quality that a loved one must have. He doesn’t care about social conveniences or appearances, freedom, and trust are important to him. For this reason, he sometimes seems naive, but he is always sincere.

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Consistent, intelligent, and resourceful in business, the Capricorn man has a flair for money and social relationships and likes to dominate other competitors. He chooses his ideal partner on the same pattern: a woman dedicated to her career, full of success, with a practical approach to life, who can hold the reins of the relationship and be able to take care of both of them, if the situation requires it. The Capricorn man is obsessed with control and cares about his behavior in society and how he is perceived by those around him.

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Strong and motivated, the Aquarius man is dedicated to the goals that animate him and is full of compassion for those in need, but when it comes to his own emotions, he closes in on himself, and is very difficult for the opposite sex to decipher. He is quite demanding in terms of a potential partner, who should be unique, smart, beautiful, with a developed sense of humor, and have great prospects in life. That’s why his partner is often older than him, experienced, and able to respect his principles and care for his pride.

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The Pisces man has an intuition that never fails, he is sensitive, a bit narcissistic and expects the woman to take the first step in a relationship. The ideal partner must be artistic, sensitive, feminine, and dreamy, and he can take care of them. The Pisces man is attractive but faithful to the person he loves. If he loses his self-confidence (which can happen often), he adopts destructive behaviors, various addictions, and lies, and becomes a hypocrite.

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