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The Prayer Of Your Zodiac Sign

What burning secret desire does your zodiac sign have every night?

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The prayers of the zodiac signs are not a tool of divination or a religious custom. These are created based on the traits of each zodiac sign, with the aim of amusing us together because of the flaws of each of us and, why not, to better understand our zodiac sign.


The Rams have been in a hurry for as long as they know each other. They run around all day and want things to happen now, quickly and well. I am full of energy and I am very bad at patience. They can’t even sit in a chair, at the office, which is why many of them look for work quite often. They don’t get along very well with their bosses, even more so because in themselves, Aries think they can do the job better and faster.

The Aries Prayer: Lord, do you hear me? It’s me, Aries! can you hear me or not Because I don’t have the whole day at my disposal!

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Tauruses are romantic materialists. They appreciate nice gestures and like to do them, in turn, provided that they don’t cause too much damage to the budget. Rather, they prefer to give away various things made by themselves, because they are very talented from this point of view.

The Bull’s Prayer: God, let world peace come, let the fruits ripen, and let the whole world be happy and reconciled. Or at least win the lottery.

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The twins are patronized by Mercury, the god of merchants and merchants. That’s why, for them, life is fair. They don’t do patriotic work, and they don’t complain very much if the advantages they receive are not to their liking. In love, they are not very stable and like to flirt.

The Twins’ Prayer: God, look what, it can’t be like this anymore! I propose renegotiating the contract!

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Cancers constantly need attention, they need affection, they need a family, in general, they need. It is quite difficult to find a way to fulfill these needs and they are waiting for them to fall from the sky. In general, Cancers achieve their goals by manipulating and emotionally blackmailing those around them. The crabs are father’s girls and the crabs are mother’s boys, and woe betide those who upset them because they run away with the pear!

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Leos rarely pray because they think they are little deities and it seems beneath their dignity to turn to their colleague. They are very proud people, sure, and they think they are irresistible. Between us, so to speak, they are often irresistible, but too much success can go to their heads!

The Lion’s Prayer: Lord, admit, you are proud of me!

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Methodical, organized, and always with the list at hand, Virgos can tell you exactly where they will be on 25.04.2020 at 17.48. He plans his life carefully and leaves nothing to chance. Of course, this means that they are the absolute masters of their own destinies, but at the same time, they can become nagging.

Prayer of the Virgin: Lord, I am sending you the table of my desires in alphabetical order. I’m waiting for feedback. Thank you!

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Libras are curious characters, have elegant appearances, and always have an artistic inclination manifested in one form or another. Therefore, it is a pleasure to have Libra with you. Only if Libra doesn’t have a mirror next to her, because she won’t do anything but look in the mirror and see how good she looks when she looks, ba pieces, ba curves!

Libra’s prayer: God, I am begging you… But what a beautiful head you have! Isn’t it mine? is it mine But whose! And look at the ear a flower!

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Dominant and always masters of the situation, Scorpios are one of the most difficult and, at the same time, perhaps the most fascinating natives of the zodiac. They like to laugh, be around people, and enjoy the attention they receive. Instead, they are absolutely unforgiving of people who do not live up to their native expectations.

The Scorpion’s Prayer: Listen, Lord, don’t make me come all the way there to show you how it’s done!

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Sagittarians are the friendliest, most pleasant, and most cheerful people in the world. Until you step on their tail. Don’t worry, they will pay you handsomely for whatever you did wrong or whatever injustice you did against them. Maybe not this year. Maybe not next year either. But one day, you can be sure that they will take revenge.

Prayer of the Sagittarius: Lord, turn Your eyes to my enemies and, Lord, give me justice so that I don’t lay hands on them and we hear confession again!

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An old joke says that in the event of a planetary cataclysm, the only ones who survive the nuclear radiation are kitchen cockroaches and Capricorns. The bank may not be far from the truth because I am the most tenacious and persevering sign. At the same time, they are very intelligent but show arrogance even when they brush their teeth in the morning.

Capricorn prayer: Angel, my angel…Listen, do you know something? Let me handle it myself. Thank you, I appreciate it!

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Aquarius natives are people with their heads in the clouds and who live ahead of their times. In fact, some of them live so far into the future that you wonder what planet they came from. They have gentle and generous natures, they are revolutionary and, in general, they are interested in the good of those around them, but they quickly lose their patience if people do not understand what they are explaining and very rarely give them a second chance.

Aquarius Prayer: Lord, if you were a woman, this discussion would not have been necessary! You already knew what I wanted, please!

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Sensitive, delicate, and very romantic, Pisces needs a lot of affection and attention. If they don’t receive it, they become melancholic very easily and it will seem to them that the world is ending at the slightest inadequacy. An argument with the partner turns into a soap opera and his absence turns the natives into Pisces in the Grinch.

The Prayer of the Fishes: God, please, make a miracle happen, I would really appreciate it. Look, I have a bottle of water with me, if you know what I mean.

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