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Weekend Horoscope: Gemini Will Cry, Leos Will Be On The Wave

Read the horoscope for this weekend and find out what awaits you!



If you are married or in a relationship for some time, you may feel that the flame of love is dying out. The stars advise you to try to save the relationship before jumping to conclusions. Ideally, you should go on a short trip just the two of you this weekend.


You may start to feel that something is wrong with your money this weekend. Either someone owes you money, or you’re thinking that you’ve invested in the wrong thing. Your health is fine, but it wouldn’t hurt to take some vitamins to boost your immunity.


The astral energies are strong, so it is possible that this weekend you will feel the need to cry.

Crying is a healthy release as long as there are no signs of depression. Try to express your feelings, not keep them inside.


If you’re looking for love, then go to unexpected places. You never know what or who you’ll find. Don’t let a controversial situation stop you from fulfilling your desires.


Your superpower is being you. Work, even if it is a weekend, and the results in terms of money will be seen as soon as possible. Don’t let negative attitudes rub off on you. You’re on a roll and you’ll stay that way.


Consider buying organic or focusing more on a plant-based diet.

This is a great way to start eating healthy. Also, give yourself some alone time to focus on your own feelings.


If you are married, this weekend you will have a small fight as a couple. If you are alone, you will feel good in the company of a very funny person. The ideal place to travel is closer than you think, maybe it’s your hometown or hometown.


This weekend, you may have to make an important decision regarding money or career. Try to be a little more careful with your money. You can’t afford to spend as much as you used to.


Pay extra attention to your stomach this weekend.

It’s your weak spot and you might be in some pain. If you can, go to bed earlier and eat less and healthier. In these two days off you can really afford it.


This weekend you will enjoy being around elderly members of your family. You will be more sentimental and you will feel a deep longing for your loved ones. You have time to pay them a visit.


This weekend, the stars favor new relationships as well as strengthening long-standing ones. You are full of optimism and enthusiasm, and your love life is on an upward trajectory.


Your financial situation will improve these days and you will be able to take a much-desired trip in the near future.

You can start making plans, but not before you see the first money in your pocket.

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