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Top 6 Brilliant Signs

Find out who the 6 genius zodiac signs are and what kind of intelligence they have!

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Howard Gardner identified in his book “Mental Frames: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences” 7 types of intelligence. These are mathematical and rational intelligence, predominantly used in classic IQ tests; visual and spatial intelligence, possessed by many athletes who anticipate the movements of their opponents; verbal and auditory intelligence, most often used by current education; musical and rhythmic intelligence, i.e. the one that makes people look for a rhythm of life in everything; kinesthetic intelligence of movement, of coordination; the intrapersonal intelligence of introverts and the characteristic interpersonal intelligence of leaders because they are the most socially active. As far as the zodiac signs are concerned, the defining elements are in this case vitality (specificity of fire signs), a solid base (characteristic of Earth signs),

The most intelligent signs


Due to the ability to see things in several ways, Aquarians are often seen as people with very high scientific intelligence. That’s why they usually come out with the highest IQ scores because they have great cognitive skills. They are idealists who possess analytical intelligence and always prefer to put their ideas into practice than to be led by feelings, and for this reason, they place everything in a specific category. Analytical thinking helps them use the latest technologies in order to make a better world for the descendants of their descendants.

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Tauruses possess intelligence related to the Earth, which means they are very successful in living a comfortable life and collecting all kinds of necessary things. They have native intelligence but work hard to get where they want to be. In this way, they obtain practical intelligence, which helps them solve many problems at work and increases their income. They are therefore very efficient in solving daily tasks and rarely complicate their own existence.

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As for emotional intelligence, Cancers are in first place with their ability to take care of the whole family and reconcile with everyone. They listen to their intuition when it comes to “reading” a man and they realize immediately if he can open up to them or not and don’t insist when someone is upset and doesn’t feel like talking. This shows how intelligent they are and what an extraordinary memory they have when it comes to someone’s weak points.

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Leo natives can be proud of a special and innate ability to be leaders. They are usually the best leaders due to the intuition they show when they see an opportunity and take advantage of it to choose important things in shaping the character of each person around them. Thus, they must preserve the mystical aura they are surrounded by, and they use their intelligence, first of all, to get to know and understand themselves better, to then guide others from the shadows.

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People born under the sign of Sagittarius have a brilliant intuition that knows no limits. They also possess an innate curiosity, which leads them to a heightened self-taught sense and even very good spatial orientation. A Sagittarius will always look for the true meaning of a word and will be able to support his opinions with deep philosophical arguments because he has a rich imagination, but which he does not always use in his own interest.

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Scorpio proves to be very smart when it comes to solving problems and mysteries, so it is the right person to go to an Escape Room with. This does not mean that he lacks sensitivity, but on the contrary, only that in addition to the emotional, intuitive part of his character, he also has a well-developed practical side, thus creating a balance. Scorpios are very empathetic people and will always understand the reasons why someone behaves in a certain way and what others feel. However, they are masters of the art of manipulation and if they ever really want something they will use all subterfuges to get it.

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