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How Do You Guess Someone’s Zodiac Sign?

How can you quickly find out in which zodiac sign your interlocutor was born?

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Has anyone guessed your zodiac sign so far? Some people have an innate gift for this. They are guided, among other things, by the physical appearance and emotional reactions of someone. Today we invite you to discover how you can tell the difference between the natives, according to the main characteristics of the zodiac signs. Of course, each person is unique and can be influenced in behavior and by the ascendant, but there are some precious clues that can show in which zodiac sign the interlocutor was born. Each zodiac sign has certain basic traits that you can observe in your acquaintances and the more comparisons and analyzes you make, the faster you will improve.

How can you guess what zodiac sign someone is in?

Aries – passionate in speeches and has very well-defined opinions

Aries talks about most things without wanting to over you and have very well-defined opinions. They are easy to recognize because they are very passionate in their speeches and always assert themselves with conviction. At the same time, they don’t always believe what they say, but they have the habit of stating half-truths just for the sake of conversation. From a physical point of view, it is said that Aries have slightly downward-pointing noses and ears with almost perfect edges.

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Taurus – is sarcastic and mannered

Bulls speak very clearly and are often sarcastic, but they do this without malice, but rather just to liven up the conversation. They have a certain classic air around them obtained, on the one hand, from their impeccable manners, and on the other hand from the native romanticism of their sign. Bulls are born with long necks and round beards, so they can pose in catalogs for jewelry and cosmetics.

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Gemini – likes to be the center of attention, is confident, and talks a lot

The natives of this sign are very expressive and in constant motion. They are very creative, they talk a lot and with confidence. In addition, they enjoy being at the center of attention. They have long arms and fingers, which give them the elegance of dancers while walking. Moreover, they have very well-shaped, almost sculptural legs. Geminis are not necessarily mannequins or photo models, but they have that special something often expressed through clothing sophistication.

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Cancer – seems shy and always preoccupied with something

Those born with the sign of Cancer are always preoccupied with something. This does not always mean that they are involved in 10 projects at the same time. In their case, it is rather a form of defense. In this way, they try to hide their fears and insecurities. Also, people born in the summer tend to have perfect skin and hair, with a particular glow, like Cancers, have an innocent child-like expression with a small and slightly upturned nose, and can literally be said to walk with their nose on up.

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Leo – smiles a lot and loves to be the center of attention

Leos smile a lot and hate to see people unhappy, which is why they are able to take off their shirts to satisfy someone, literally or figuratively. Leos, as kings of the zodiac, are very harmonious from a physical point of view. Although they do not fit into a specific typology, their body evenly distributes the weight and thanks to the perfect shape of the head, they can easily shine on the big stages, in professions such as actors or singers. Even if they do not choose such careers, Leos feel very comfortable in the center of attention.

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Virgo – has an opinion about everything and meticulously plans every aspect of her life

Virgos must have an opinion about everything and nothing, about everything and anytime and they have an air of superiority. This does not necessarily mean that they are arrogant, but that they are simply very sure of the things they say. Moreover, you can easily recognize a Virgo by the meticulous way in which they plan every aspect of life. From a physical point of view, they have glowing skin, round heads, well-defined delicate lips, and symmetrical features.

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Libra – seeks to permanently improve his image and the first impression matters

The natives of this sign are slightly narcissistic people and seek to constantly improve their own image. This must be attributed to the fact that the first impression is very important for Libras and they tend to judge based on it. At the same time, most Libras are tall, thin, and elegant, with an oval faces. In addition, it is said that you can recognize a Libra by its beautiful, immaculate white teeth, like in the toothpaste commercials.

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Scorpio – is surrounded by an air of mystery and has a penetrating gaze

Those born under this sign are very difficult to read because they are constantly surrounded by an air of mystery. Despite this, they can be surprisingly sociable when they want to. At the same time, their distinguishing mark is the impressive baggage of general knowledge with which they often silence their friends. From a physical point of view, these natives are easy to recognize due to their penetrating gaze.

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Sagittarius – is optimistic, and passionate and has natural gestures and reactions

Sagittarians refrain from many comments, but even when the final straw comes, you must mentally prepare for the storm. As a rule, they are optimistic and are thirsty for new experiences, which is why they can be attracted to extreme sports. From a physical point of view, these natives have long faces and voluptuous forms. They are said to have natural gestures and reactions and to wave like leaves falling in the wind because they were born in autumn.

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Capricorn – is ambitious and generally puts career and work first

Those born under this sign are the kind of people who know that in order to see a change in the world, it must come first of all from within their own person and are guided by the principle “if you don’t like something, do it with your own hands” . They are ambitious, eager for knowledge and often put career and work first, which is why the love lives of Capricorns are complicated and difficult. From a physical point of view, Capricorn natives have very sensitive skin and the sun is not really their best friend.

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Aquarius – has an affinity for technology and social networks but cares about privacy

Aquarians are the natives who live for tomorrow. That is precisely why they have a natural affinity for technology and are very active on social networks. Despite this, they care a lot about their privacy and don’t have the habit of telling every detail of their private life, as Leos or Geminis do for example. From a physical point of view, they are very pleasant people, well-proportioned regardless of their height, but they can have skin problems.

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Pisces – is discreet, and sensitive but can also be exuberant at certain times

Pisces natives are the most discreet and sensitive natives of the zodiac. As a rule, they are divided into two categories. On the one hand, they are typical Pisces, silent, withdrawn, and wise. On the other hand, there are Pisces who can fool you very easily with their exuberance and noisy presence. From a physical point of view, Pisces often have a broad forehead and a square chin, signs of surprisingly strong character.

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