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Top 5 Zodiac Signs With Occult Powers

The moon has major importance in the occult sciences.

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The position of the moon compared to other stars is very important and astrologers encourage everyone to see how the planets influence their life in general.

Everyone has a sun sign and a moon sign. These actually represent where the sun and moon were positioned at the time of someone’s birth. The sun stays in each sign for approximately 30 days, while the moon transits all the constellations during this period. The sun influences personality while the moon determines emotions. If the Sun dictates how a person will be seen in society, then the moon guides one’s relationship with oneself, gives more or less hope that everything will be fine, and influences a person’s dreams and aspirations, fears, insecurity, and intuition. Astrologers spend a lot of time trying to predict how the power of the moon will influence human behavior and worldly activities, and this combines well with magic, but also with the hidden powers of a sign.


This sign, which can manipulate fire in every way, is at the beginning of the zodiac and is an independent pioneer. Ambitious and optimistic, he has a lot of energy, and he is capable of more than it seems at first glance, although he turns out to be very idealistic. At the same time, it shows impulsivity, self-confidence, and civic spirit, and these are just some of the qualities. However, he has a tendency to be selfish, he gets angry quickly and loses his patience just as quickly, thus in previous lives he incurred enough karmic debts. He likes to get involved in a lot of projects, which can turn him into an energy vampire, but he doesn’t have time until the end for everything.

When the Moon is in Aries it is the ideal time to use red candles to cast spells that will fill your soul with happiness and goodwill, authority at work, and the power of persuasion. Also, the moon in this sign sharpens the senses and intensifies experiences. That is why it is possible to react a little differently to external stimuli, to have the impression that everyone is taking care of you and that only you are right. You will not accept any kind of criticism when the moon passes through Aries and you will have low patience.

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Cancer, as a water sign, offers the world the most sensitive and generous people. With an advanced spirit of empathy, Cancers have the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of others more than anyone. They tend to worry more than is normal because they rely extremely much on the very good intuition they have and which fails quite rarely, which proves the clairvoyance these people possess. Among their weaknesses is the fact that they are grumpy and often retreat to their own home to calm down, cook, and do other recreational activities.

If you intend to use magic for the well-being of the family, peace in the world, and to solve certain older health problems or various disputes, the favorable moment is when the moon is in Cancer. Contrary to expectations, dark green or even white candles go best with love potions. Anyway, the moon through Cancer makes love relationships go well and clarifies things if there is any doubt about your life partner so that you will realize if the relationship you are in is a good one for you or the opposite.

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The natives of this water sign are very sensual and have an intuition that never deceives them. They are secretive and their magnetic personality attracts anyone easily. Very few match their mystical and complex spirit. Because of these attributes, they may seem superficial, but they energetically dominate anyone and they actually think very deeply. In this way, they manage to control their feelings most of the time, also because they dedicate themselves to the occult arts.

The Moon in Scorpio favors the fulfillment of love charms, power, spiritual desolation, and more, especially if you also light a black or red candle. The Moon in Scorpio will make you go from one extreme to the other, such as from maximum happiness to deep sadness in just a few seconds. You have to be careful not to make any major decisions because if you get the impression that someone is unfaithful to you, it is possible to deceive yourself and then regret that you backed out.

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Capricorns, once they have started an activity, stop only when they finish it. They treat things with detachment, which makes them seem like bad people, but as they get older, they become more malleable. They are the people behind the cameras, they are the machinists behind the scenes, and the strong women behind the successful men, but they are content with this position and feel really good because they have loaded karma from many previous lives and now they can finally be at peace. Everything that their ambition directs them to do is for their own good and that of the family. They prove to be very competent regardless of the professional field in which they work, they have high productivity and behave professionally because they always remember and sometimes resort to telepathic manipulation. In the family, they are as good leaders as in the workplace, being carried away by the soul warmth they have even though they don’t show it. Unfortunately, they often change their mood and have a tendency to fall into depression, which they can easily treat by writing a movie script or getting involved in the production of a show.

If the moon transits the sign of Capricorn, all the charms intended to increase stability, organizational spirit, and ambition and to fulfill career advancement plans or political maneuvers, all these will be fulfilled in the light of a black or dark brown candle.

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Pisces are slippery, but they prefer to take the blame for certain things and let others live their lives in peace. This feeds their continuous need for admiration and gives them the feeling of importance, it raises their self-confidence and a burden from their soul because they already take enough on their shoulders. In this way, they heal the aura of others, but they become addicted to adrenaline and not only, to other stimulants that help them overcome the difficulties they undertake voluntarily and not forced by anyone. These natives manifest themselves as a classic and strong water sign, which manages to overcome any difficulties despite the ease with which they allow themselves to be impressed and the sensitivity they show.

Astral projection, creativity, forays into past lives, and love, all of these can be enhanced with the sparks of a light yellow or pale blue candle under the moonlight when in Pisces.

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