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4 Zodiac Signs That Were Born to Be the “Main Character” in Any Story

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“Protagonist energy” is a current of the year 2023. These 4 signs love to be the center of attention and are usually the ones that everyone follows.

Some people love to be the center of attention, regardless of whether it happens intentionally or accidentally. They give themselves the main role in any scenario and walk as if the soundtrack of their life is playing in the background. We are talking about characters like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde or Regina George from Mean Girls. Well, this kind of energy can also be related to the sign in which you were born. Below, find out which are the four zodiac signs with the main character fabric.

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1 Leo

Ruled by the Sun, it is not Leo’s fault that he imagines that we are all secondary characters that revolve around him. Leos can sometimes demand more from you, because they constantly have this need for validation, but don’t confuse this with a lack of trust. These proud Leos are naturally bold, brutally honest, and sure of themselves (sometimes maybe too sure), so if you feel like they’re fishing for a compliment, it’s mostly because they want to make sure you notice them. Expect this fire sign to appear at brunch in bold Carrie-Bradshaw-style outfits or at a wedding in the same color as the bride, as you may remember Jane Fonda did in the movie Monster-in-law, pure and simply because “this is the color that gives me the best advantage”.

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2. Aquarius

Aquarians are famous for being innovative, eccentric, and setting trends. And honestly, setting the tone in everything means, after all, that you are the main character. This water bearer is essentially our north star. Unlike Leo, who practically declares himself the main character in our lives through phrases like: “Look at me! Look what I did!”, Aquarians make us all want to be them because they are so effortlessly cool. They’re open-minded and fair, so apart from keeping us up-to-date on the latest trends, they’re also number one on our call list, simply because they’re friends we can count on. The classic energy of the Aquarius character is represented in the world of stars by Oprah Winfrey.

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3. Taurus

The huge mirror with a solid frame and gold ornaments, a mini designer bag, and expensive foundation: you have the recipe for a main character who knows how to pamper herself. Taurus has expensive tastes, values ​​itself, and commands respect by the simple fact that the word “cheap” does not exist in its vocabulary.

While Tauruses do not actively fight for attention, the way they behave turns them into protagonists. Leaving aside refined taste, Taurus has high standards that everyone around them simply must meet without compromise. Celebrities who remind us of Taurus energy are Cher, Adele, and Queen Elizabeth II. They would never show off their wealth or status, but their mere presence imposes a certain behavior.

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4. Libra

You know how, sometimes, when you’re invited to a party, you immediately want to know if a certain friend will be present? And that’s because you know for sure that he will bring you a good mood, laughter, dance moves and… a bit of drama. Yes, the person you have in mind is probably a Libra. These “delicious” characters can instantly change the energy in a room and make others gather around them. They will come up with the idea of ​​a strange game that everyone wants to play, or they will create the challenge of a new jam recipe, better than grandma. No matter how crazy their ideas sound, those around them are fascinated and can’t wait to follow them. Like Aquarians, Libras don’t necessarily want to become protagonists, they are naturally friendly.

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