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Your Zodiac Sign’s Love Charm

Those who use these talismans will possess the powers of the signs they belong to.

To have greater effects a user can draw the power of his zodiac sign or a combination of energies. As magicians say: images, seals and rings placed in the right place at the right time can work great miracles.

The love talisman of each zodiac sign

Aries – Diamond

Aries must keep their talismans close to the left hand or around the neck, in order to make direct contact with the skin and transmit the energy better. Capturing the power of the Diamond in this way, they fulfill their purpose of leading others and until then they manage to do their job very well under their mentor. The diamond is the most precious and therefore the most expensive stone. Many miracles are attributed to him over time and inexplicable mystical powers. It protects against physical wounds, as well as soul wounds from love if the personal charms to attract the loved one did not work. In the form of a ring, a bracelet or a necklace, it gives courage to the wearer who achieves his goals by the right means.

Taurus – Heptagram

To hope for more love to light their path to happiness, Tauruses need a seven-pointed star. A heptagram is a star with 7 equally spaced corners, a polygon with 7 points. Initially, it was used by Christians to symbolize the 7 days of creation and quickly became a symbol that protects against evil. It represents perfection and is also known among neo-pagans, being used in various sacred and magical rituals. In terms of alchemy, the 7-pointed star symbolizes the 7 planets that were known in the past. Anyway, basically, anything related to the human spirit, such as love, can be linked to this symbol ruled by Jupiter.

Gemini – Nut

Despite their sign, Geminis are extremely independent, they don’t let themselves be brought down by anyone or anything, because they need to live life in their own way. That is why they can be identified with a nut that splits into two equal parts. They are hard on the surface, but once you get past that shell you get to the soft and good inside, which represents fertility and for some a strong accent of masculinity. Although many times the whole nut is a symbol of something hard, if it breaks it can be someone’s downfall. But a broken walnut can also be a good sign, it can mean that the most difficult period has passed and the person has opened up, left his soul at someone else’s reach, and found that person who will conquer him completely.

Crab – Clam

The love talisman of the sign Cancer is a seashell, a pure white one, which carries a pearl in it. Due to its hard exterior, the seashell protects the image of these natives and the pearl inside means protecting life as love sometimes protects against great disappointments. In Romanian mythology, Venus, the goddess of love, is said to have been born from the foam of the sea. In the same way, the Hindu goddess Lakshmi was created from the riches of seashells, and also for Hindus, the hard shell represents the twitching of the heart when it meets its half and calls to join those who have a heart full of love. Traditionally, seashells are considered very beautiful objects, good for more than just hearing the ocean in them and being associated with love, longevity, peace and fertility.

Leo – Heart with wings

If they want to find their true love or to make their relationship go better, Leos must turn to a talisman in the shape of a heart with wings. This is one of the most used symbols for love and comes from Sufism, a mystical part of Islam, founded in 1910, more precisely from the founder of this movement, Hazrat Inayat Khan. A simple heart generally leads to the idea of ​​love from many centuries ago, it can be affection for someone in particular or simply love in general, but the one with wings symbolizes ascension and the wings themselves must be symmetrical, to lead to the idea of the mirror of the self. This wonderful symbol brings a smile to everyone’s lips, happiness in the lives of those who worship it, optimism, and the strengthening of free will because it is the owner of the soul.

Virgo – Heart with a key

Before the lock and key were created, people had to hide their valuables in more private places such as hollows, caves, behind rocks, or in holes in the ground. The oldest mention of keys from a lock is over 4000 years ago, although some sources attribute these inventions to the ancient Greeks. They were made to protect one’s possessions which can mean many things. Keys can be used to start cars, lock someone, protect secret documents, or stop strangers from entering someone’s home. So what a key protects can vary for everyone and its value can be different, for it can protect gold, silver, jewels, or money, and for others, the key can protect the partner, children, family, fate, secrets, and privacy.

Libra – Triangle

The triangle brings love into Libra’s life. In Ancient Egypt, the equilateral triangle was seen as a sign of intelligence and shows the ability to love. This is a basic element in the shri yantra Buddhist philosophy and encourages the call of love to reach higher consciousnesses and union with Divinity. It also symbolizes the love between children and parents, but also the holy triad. Overturned it means that love was poured into something or someone. This symbol can also be dangerous because no one wants a Bermuda Triangle or even worse a marital triangle. A love triangle can mean that two people love a third person and that person usually loves both of them. So that someone can be in the middle of a dispute and no one chooses the much-desired happiness.

Scorpio – Acorn

The acorn is the fruit of the oak, a small oval nut inside a hard shell, which perfectly describes the nature of the scorpion. The acorn as a seed symbolizes the growth of love and the unlimited potential of love in the world, and in the mature stage it reminds us that everyone needs a period of growth and development, then moments of respite. It shows that everyone has more potential than expected, they just have to look up, ahead and understand that life is not over after a breakup, on the contrary, then a new period begins and the man who appears in your path may take you out more about the wonderful person you will meet.

Sagittarius – Horse

Sagittarius is one of the dual signs of the horoscope that likes to be always on the move, to find something new to cling to, to develop its wisdom and to come up with the perfect idea to save the world. It is the most loving fire sign, eager for soul attachment, and feels best when life seems like a continuous adventure, as it does for a wild horse. Due to its presence in man’s life both as a pet and as a work partner, the horse is assigned a special meaning in universal symbolism. A kind of contract is made between a horse and a man through which both offer mutual respect and the awareness of the need to defend each other, but a white horse means light, sun, day, vitality, illumination, rebirth and is a messenger of birth, while a black horse is the opposite and leads to mystery, death, night, secret and is a messenger of esotericism. With such a talisman in love and being represented by a Centaur, half archer-half horse, Sagittarians can only be enthusiastic, thirsty for knowledge, with a tendency to exaggerate, sincere, loyal, and passionate in love.

Capricorn – Onyx

The most important quality of Capricorns is the strength of character combined with ambition, and the best talisman for them is dark onyx. This stone gives the possessor power over those around them, clarifies their mind, puts order in their thoughts, and allows them to intervene in other people’s plans, making them realize exactly who they want and even giving them the power to break up households and apparently very stable relationships in order to reach the heart’s desire. Also, the onyx placed in a silver jewel helps the owners to sleep better and then be able to fulfill their dreams while getting rid of depressive states.

Aquarius – Anchor

The anchor has always been a well-known symbol because it represents not only a part of a ship but also the association made by sailors with stability and strength of character. Letting the anchor down alone means that a long journey has come to a good end. From this, it can be deduced that in search of a soul mate, Aquarius can carry with them a small talisman in the shape of an anchor, which they can possibly give to the loved one once found. An anchor used in this way is usually heavy, made of precious metal, and offers stability, confidence in one’s own strength, and security in actions to conquer hearts. Ancora offers those who use it hope that maybe one day a better time will come for them too, that they will not be alone all their lives, and that at some point they will start their much-desired, much-loved family with the right person,

Pisces – Harp

The harp is a symbol of love in art, especially poetry, and music. For the Celts, it represented the bridge of love between heaven and Earth. In Norway and Iceland, it is believed that the strings of the harp form a ladder to higher spiritual states where love is everywhere and leads to Paradise. This faith is represented in the Bible, when King David played the harp for God, to show his love and loyalty. Pisces have as their love talisman the harp, one of the oldest instruments, which can still be found in various shapes and sizes, especially as a decorative object in temples and museums. As music is the magic of the soul, with this soft sound emitted by the harp and its energetic vibration, Pisces easily conquers anyone’s soul.

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