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Top 5 Female Signs Difficult To Read

Find out if you are among the women of the most difficult-to-read zodiac!

Throughout the centuries, people have looked to the stars for solutions to their problems. The position of the Sun, the Moon, and the planets influence certain events and someone’s date of birth indicates the type of character they will have. Even if these aspects leave their mark on someone’s destiny, free will still have the decisive role and no matter what, it can be anyone’s mother, sister, girlfriend or friend, a complicated woman is definitely hard to read. In this article you will see how satisfying it is to be able to understand someone seemingly unapproachable, to find out more easily what she likes and what she doesn’t so that you can get to know her better so that can have wonderful moments together.

5 female signs difficult to read


Because they belong to the first zodiac sign of the Aries horoscope, they think they are the most important. Women can be aggressive and stubborn and will show off at any opportunity by poking their noses into other people’s affairs. This proves how energetic, and ambitious they are and how easily they can be provoked. They really like to dominate the environment they surround themselves with, even their friends are submissive to them, let’s not talk about their work colleagues, in front of whom they easily impose themselves. They like to participate in as many competitions as possible, in various fields, which they obviously win, and then make jokes at the expense of the other competitors, and if you laugh at these jokes you will be their friend forever.


An Aquarius woman turns out to have a rich imagination and an adventurous spirit, she can even be the crazy high school sweetheart. Her unconventional and creative nature makes her funny and attracts many strange men to have sex with in public places. She is not in a hurry to judge anyone and prefers to solve her own problems when they arise. They like to choose partners who are independent of all points of view, who allow themselves to be themselves in any situation, with whom they can talk about the most intimate matters, including the collection of soldiers from when they were little or the collection of erotic toys.


Scorpios have a very strong personality and are very different from the rest of the zodiac signs because they live all their feelings at maximum intensity. This is especially easy to notice on an emotional level when they don’t give up until they get what they want and invest all the energy they have, especially if they are really passionate about what they do. Those born under this sign usually criticize anyone easily, are arrogant, and make friends with them hard. In love, they are proud and expect the same level of involvement from their partner. What makes them strong is their involvement and ambition to see their dreams come true.


Gemini women are really complicated, they take advantage of every opportunity to be good for themselves first. They easily pass from one state to another, which makes them mysterious and provokes the imagination of those around them. They possess industrial amounts of intelligence and are extremely good at communicating with those around them, and an unsuspected thirst for life makes them overcome any obstacle and live many adventures. They oscillate between being charming and spontaneous and then shy and withdrawn, which is why no one is ever bored with them and they can discuss absolutely any topic. They enrich their knowledge and vocabulary because they have many hobbies, which they develop during their long trips.


You can usually tell if a woman is a Leo by the crowd of people around her. She laughs the loudest, has the brightest smile, and has out-of-the-box self-confidence. Guided by the Sun, the center of the Universe, this feline loves to be the center of attention and usually succeeds. She is passionate, playful, and full of life. Sometimes he loses his temper and knows how to set up someone who crosses the limit of common sense with bad jokes. To improve her, all you have to do is tell her many nice things and give her some gifts. The women of this zodiac sign are smart, willing to help anyone in need, emotionally stable, and creative, that’s why many are oriented towards artistic careers.

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