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Astrology: Top 5 Signs Hard To Leave

Certain natives of the zodiac are harder to remove from our lives!

Despite your efforts, it’s time to say goodbye, because the relationship simply doesn’t work anymore. Even if you have decided to give up, this does not mean that your partner is ready to be alone again. Certain natives of the zodiac are more difficult to remove from our lives for various reasons, as you will see.

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5 signs that are hard to leave


Breaking up with Cancer can turn into a real tragedy. More than any other zodiac sign, representatives of this sign face difficulty in accepting that the relationship is over and that any water sign can become depressed when love disappears from their lives. There is no easy way to break up with Cancer, but you can try not to surprise or shock them. If you have been unhappy for a long time, share this information with your partner, and be honest. It’s hard to leave Cancers because they are emotional and immediately start crying, they are people who like family unity and building a house together with the one they love. When it comes to sharing the common goods, they appropriate more things than would be normal, which may surprise you.

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Leos have the power of the Sun on their side and over-dramatize any ending. It is hard to part with them because they are half bastards and the other half extremely seductive. If you want an amicable breakup, you haven’t found the person to talk to right now. If you don’t want to take part in a real drama, as if it were the end of the world, a series of accusations, arguments that could be heard throughout the neighborhood, and even swearing or physical violence, it is better to take all your things from the house ( in case you are already together) and all the emotional baggage when they are not at home, because Leos will make a big scandal when you leave. In case you want everything to end quickly, don’t somehow blame the one who sat next to you, and don’t try to stay too long to give explanations about who did what wrong, because all you will succeed in doing is wasting time and anyway the best way to end it with these natives is a bit of flattery. On the other hand, you admit that you had a beautiful relationship, and even if it ended, it is possible at some point to want to reconcile, so be gentle when parting.

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Scorpios know how to strengthen you, but they never fully satisfy you. Surely if you have reached the situation where you think of leaving a lover of this sign, you are a little agitated, because you have given everything you could to this relationship and have involved yourself body and soul. You have reached new heights of happiness and at the same time you were devastated when you saw him with another on the street… it is quite traumatic to realize that the one you considered the love of your life is now flying from flower to flower, and this is even harder to believe since he was always sending you messages and bringing you flowers for no particular reason. So, even if the relationship was difficult or not, it will definitely end. Scorpio is a sign influenced by Pluto, the planet of death and the end, and can be very nervous during a breakup. This also happens because the representatives of this sign have difficulties in understanding monogamy and if they do, they still find reasons to blame their partner for the problems that have arisen, which will make you think twice. So don’t try to convince them too much, because you won’t make things easier for either of you. It is necessary to think of an initial plan, to be sure that the finances are in place and if there are signed documents, to make sure that you have a good lawyer in advance.

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When you tell a Libra man that you want to break up, he may be shocked, because they like to babysit and take care of their partners, and they won’t be able to explain what they did wrong. Even if they also had their moments of platitude and maybe sometimes you had the feeling that they cheated you, most of the time, they offered you all the comfort you needed. When you prepare to stop right at that moment, it seems that these natives will get even more involved in the relationship (if such a thing is possible), they will seem more attentive to what you say, although they will refuse to accept, they will be much more present physically next to you even when you don’t want that anymore, all just to keep you together and it is possible that in the end, he will trick you into giving him another chance. The best argument in such situations is that you both have your share of the blame and the relationship can no longer be saved because things were done and things were said that hurt and can no longer be fixed and you both deserve a future happy with someone else, someone who truly completes you. Regardless of how they react, Libra recovers quickly, because they are not lonely souls and will quickly find someone else, even if they left you crying to leave.

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Breaking up can be difficult for Aries, especially if it wasn’t their idea. If they feel they are being left out, they will definitely make a drama out of it. If you want to leave them, be careful with them, somehow convince them that it is actually their idea and everything will be fine. It’s best not to spend too much time arguing at the time, don’t try to explain things too much and turn all the girls, because it’s pointless, the result will be the same. Even if sex with the person in question was extremely satisfying and very passionate every time, what you have to remember is that when Aries give up on a relationship they don’t come back, so be sure of what you want before taking the decisive step. Don’t try to stay friends, because it won’t work, at least not at first. A quick breakup

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