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4 Zodiac Signs That Need to Try Love on a Stake

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Scorpios can be the most loyal person in a relationship—the problem is, they tend to avoid being in a relationship in the first place. While they like appearing fearless, choosing to be vulnerable and commit to someone can often make them anxious. They have a pessimistic nature that leads them to assume that things will end badly or that they’ll be hurt or disappointed by their person. But because of this, they often end up shutting out the people who are actually right for them—and because of that, they sometimes miss out on the most beautiful relationships.

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Capricorns are logical to a fault at times. They prefer to analyze every possible outcome before they get into a relationship, and while there’s nothing wrong with being somewhat practical about the people they choose to let into their life, they’ll sometimes find reasons to shut down a healthy relationship before it ever really begins. By listening to their head, they’ll ignore their heart and let go of people who have the capacity to change their lives—for the better. What they need to understand, though, is that love isn’t a cerebral thing and that just because someone challenges their points of view or their lifestyle doesn’t make them the wrong person.

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Sagittarians thrive in their freedom—and because of that, they’ll often avoid anything that might tie them down or make them feel like they have to limit their options. Even when they’re open to letting others into their lives, they may shy away from commitment or fully connecting with someone because they don’t want the strings attached. While there’s nothing wrong with choosing to be single, this mindset sometimes limits them because they don’t recognize that some things are worth compromise—and that some people won’t hold them back but encourage them forward in all of their pursuits.

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Aquarians are the type of people who prefer a little distance in their lives. They can have deep connections with people, but as a whole, they tend to preserve a part of themselves just for themselves. They can struggle to let people in, in part because they worry that if they do let someone in, their person won’t fully understand them or will ultimately reject them. Aquarians want to be seen but are afraid of the consequences of that, and so they’ll often shut down the idea of a relationship before they ever really give it a chance. What they need to realize, though, is that there are people who are out there that will not only understand them but who will love them for everything they are.

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