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The Most Faithful And Unfaithful Men In The Zodiac

How prone is your partner to step crookedly, depending on his zodiac sign and how can you prevent him?

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It is said that a woman involved in a relationship needs a serious reason to cheat, while a man only needs… another available woman. The representatives of the stronger sex have always been pointed the finger as having no inclination or up their sleeves with monogamy, that they are collectors who do not say “no” to a new conquest, no matter how beautiful or smart the woman who is waiting for them at home is. . Of course, there are exceptions, faithful men just need to be discovered and kept carefully. How prone is your partner to step crookedly, depending on his zodiac sign and how can you prevent him? Find out immediately!

The most unfaithful men according to the zodiac sign


He needs passion in his life as a couple to remain faithful, otherwise, he rushes headlong when it comes to escapades. If you don’t pay attention to him or nag him for a day, two, nine, another day can change his mind. Aries goes where the flame of desire burns, that is, if necessary, they break relationships or remarry as often as they want, for the sake of conquest, crazy love, and sex with sparks.

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It is known how important sex is for Taurus men, so you have to rise to the level of their appetite so that they don’t have time to get bored or feel neglected. No headaches and lack of mood or imagination, otherwise they will seek satisfaction in other bedding. Their ruling planet, Venus, predisposes them to emotional stability if they are satisfied with the relationship they are in.

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Geminis are quite indecisive and very curious by nature. The dual nature of this sign speaks for itself: the Gemini man can juggle two partners without major problems or remorse. He prefers not to break up with you if you still attract him and at the same time enjoy a new conquest. If he loses interest in your relationship, you will definitely feel it!

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Convinced family man and very sensitive, the Cancer man is one of the most faithful zodiac signs. He is not tempted by adventures, he prefers the comfort of the daily routine with the woman he believes in and whom he knows, regardless of how long they have been together. All you have to do is love him and give him your full attention. Such a man really deserves some pampering from his partner…

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He loves passionately and is faithful if your intimate life is full of spice. Blazarea is the greatest enemy of the partner of this man with the virtues of a hunter. Always praise him, encourage him, make him feel like the most important man in life, and give him surprises and you have a chance that he will be devoted to you until old age. If he ended up cheating on you, he will most likely break up…

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Be present in the Virgo man’s life, support him on all levels, take care of his problems, even professional ones, and you will make him dependent on your love and presence. He is soulful, devoted, and, above all, a traditionalist, so if you ended up marrying him, he will not give you up for some love.

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Even if he shows more passion than emotional attachment, he tries to solve the problems with his current partner before flying off. Cheating in his case can be reduced to innocent flirtations, rather than sex. It is important not to give him reasons for jealousy, otherwise, he may be tempted to throw himself into the arms of others out of a pure desire for revenge.

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Quite indecisive in his youth, Scorpio remains faithful in adulthood, when he finds the right partner, as long as he feels comfortable and appreciated in her presence. You have to be his friend, confidant and mistress at the same time if you want to keep him close to you. He doesn’t like to lie, to hide and to walk around with shoelaces.

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It seems to be one of the most unfaithful zodiac signs. Of course, this happens especially if things are creaking in the current relationship, but as it is impossible to please him all the time, at the first more serious quarrel, he might find his refuge in another yard. When you have a Sagittarius as a partner, you must always be on the alert, because adventures excite him beyond words!

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He is generally very faithful. Introverted, he is not extremely generous in declarations of love and hardly involves himself body and soul in a relationship, but when he does, he is as honest and fair as possible, which is, of course, what he expects from his partner couple. He does not like playing cat and mouse. If you are devoted to him, he will be to you.

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You have to conquer this native every day if you want to keep his interest alive. He likes women, loves to court them, and feels wanted, that’s why it’s almost impossible not to make new conquests, no matter how well his home is. It’s not easy, but always be surprising. It is very important for Aquarius girlfriends to offer these men the illusion of total freedom!

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Quite a slippery sign and, most importantly, with a dual nature. Some Pisces are faithful to their first love all their lives, but others, the majority, slip through your fingers when you don’t even think about it. They don’t keep their promises, they are indecisive and cheat without feeling guilty because it’s simply in their nature.

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