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Signs That You Are No Longer In His Heart Depending On The Sign

Depending on the zodiac sign, follow the signs that tell him that you no longer live in his heart.

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Like everything, love changes with time. The crazy passion from the time you met inevitably subsides after a few years spent together. You are just as in love, but do you have the impression that his feelings have cooled a bit? Depending on the zodiac sign, follow the signs that tell him that you no longer live in his heart.

How do you know that he doesn’t love you anymore depending on his zodiac sign?


The love of an Aries is never tame or quiet. When he is in love, he fights for you and takes over you completely. He notices your new clothes or hairstyles, and wants to know how your day went, when you’re around him he can’t stay away from you, and when you’re not, he calls you, writes to you, is interested in everything you do. If he loses interest, it is impossible not to notice, the first thing that disappears is sexual desire.

What to do: be passionate and surprising, don’t reject his sexual drive, don’t control him, and don’t drive him crazy with reproaches and jealousy, if you don’t want to lose him.

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The Taurus man is very sensual, but also romantic. The financial situation is important to him and he does not hesitate to use his material assets to win you over. If he is in love, he will come to you with flowers or expensive gifts for no reason. When it doesn’t work anymore, it’s time to ask yourself questions. Likewise, if love matches become rarer or is no longer as intense.

What to do: don’t make excuses when a Taurus man wants you, because he will look for passion in another bedroom; be feminine and affectionate and in no way give him reasons for jealousy.

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A Gemini who loves you madly is proud of it in public, especially in front of friends. He does not praise himself, he is protective, and he acts as if he is the luckiest man in the world. He is mostly bored by routine and is not a very faithful zodiac sign, even if there are exceptions. It won’t be difficult for you to notice when you pass the second place.

What to do: talk to him as soon as you have the feeling that things are rattling, because he is open and will tell you what he feels or… that he doesn’t!

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Very attached to the family, the partner is very important for a Cancer. Attentive, caring, makes you feel loved, comes home with love, never leaves or enters the door without hugging you tightly and giving you a long kiss. It’s not a good sign if he always arrives late from work or goes out with friends instead of staying with you.

What to do: you have to give a lot of attention and love to a crayfish if you want to keep it for a lifetime; see how he reacts to your proofs of love and you’ll understand immediately!

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He is very jealous and sees infidelity even with an innocent look. He feels the need to control you, to know everything you do, where you go, and who you talk to. He is very involved in the couple’s life and you never get bored with him. If you notice that he behaves with indifference and carelessness, and the sexual current becomes mechanical, not passionate, the danger of separation grazes you closely.

What to do: the Leo man likes to be admired, encouraged, and praised, but if that doesn’t work anymore, don’t blackmail him emotionally, but simply ask him, with dignity, if he still loves you or not.

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He’s the type that doesn’t easily get involved in a romantic relationship, being very analytical and attentive to details, including his partner’s flaws. And when he does, he is not very passionate, on the contrary, he controls his every emotion and can make you jump sometimes with his introverted, distant attitude. When you see that he becomes very critical and postpones your plans from one day to the next with all kinds of pretexts, the joke gets bigger!

What to do: ask him what problems he has and offer to help him, be they health, sentimental or professional; this way you will find out if worries are what keep him away from you or if something else stands in the way of your happiness.

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Unfortunately, the Libra man is not the type that offers you security in a relationship or that you can easily read, it is very possible that today he will declare that he loves you, and tomorrow you will surprise him with another hand. In any case, you will notice when his attention is no longer directed toward you. If he puts you in embarrassing situations, criticizes you, or is ironic out of the blue, love is gone.

What to do: Follow his reactions to you in various contexts, notice how he looks at you, how he talks to others about you, and how attentive he is in the bedroom; tell him what your fears are and if there is no other way, put an end to it.

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It’s hard to keep up with a Scorpio man, very possessive and looking for deep emotional and sexual experiences. It is in his nature to be suspicious and very demanding. When he exaggerates with the reproaches and accuses you that it is your fault that the relationship is on the rocks, boredom may have intervened.

What to do: don’t let him doubt your feelings, but don’t pull your teeth on the relationship either, as you’ll create unnecessary drama; if you feel that he wants to leave and that you are extra, let him go his way and that way you will see what he wants.

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Usually, when a Sagittarius man doesn’t want you anymore, he won’t take care of you very much. You will find out without many strategies, either directly from him or from close friends, that the engines of love have started to screech. As he used to, he will tell you the truth straight to your face, you just have to ask him, if he doesn’t have the initiative himself.

What to do: don’t dramatize things, don’t suffocate him, and don’t ask him many questions, otherwise, you’ll lose him for sure, given his way of being, always irritable; you can try to regain his interest by reminding him of your good times together, but without begging for another chance.

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Capricorn will feel extremely guilty if the flame of love is extinguished and he is forced to leave you, especially after many years of living together. If he suddenly becomes much more considerate of you than usual, it’s not necessarily a reason to be happy, he might be preparing the ground to give you the news that your ways are parting.

What to do: if you want to manipulate him, it works with him, because he wouldn’t bear to see you on the verge of despair or helplessness, but it wouldn’t be a constructive attitude for either of you.

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The proverbial sincerity of Aquarians makes them reveal themselves in all respects, even if the truth can hurt you. Therefore, be very attentive to everything he tells you, to his joys and fears, to his exaggerated enthusiasm for a new colleague at work. When he starts to be very reserved and doesn’t open his soul to you anymore, it’s a sign that his feelings have cooled.

What to do: in a relationship with an Aquarius, it is very important to cultivate eroticism, so that you don’t become a mistress, a simple friend; always be surprising and inventive, and give him love and freedom.

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Although they can be slippery, Pisces get deeply involved in love relationships, with the idea of ​​lasting a lifetime. If the interest disappears, the same happens with the romantic moments, with the surprises, with the flowers that he offered you until recently. When you notice and reprimand him, at first he may lie to you, finding all kinds of motivations for the lack of passion and interest.

What to do: if you react with tolerance, showing him that you miss him, and that you don’t want to lose him, you have every chance to change his mind and return to better feelings.

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