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The Telltale Indications of Difficult Times at the Start of the Year

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The 5 most unlucky zodiac signs in January and February 2023. The stars are not on their side at all!

Here are the phenomena from the beginning of the year that will cause problems for these signs!

1. Unlucky Taurus

The Full Moon in Cancer at the beginning of January brings a lot of burden for Taurus, and the effects are felt until February. You are quite sensitive and vulnerable in relationships. You experience increased vigilance and caution. What you have to remember is to take care of yourself and take care of yourself.

It’s not the time to try to do everything, but to give yourself a relaxing space to find your spirit. Inner emotions are strong, but if you calm them down, your spirit will calm down too. And, according to the horoscope, you just have to listen and let fate arrange everything.

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2. Gemini loses money

A severe drought hits you financially in January and February 2023. Gemini is among the unlucky signs. He faces a lot of obstacles during the Full Moon in Cancer. Although this astrological transit brings good things for Gemini, it can cause stress and anxiety at the same time.

Geminis have a great ability to concentrate at work, and maintaining optimism is the key for Geminis to manage financial shortages until this Full Moon passes. Be very careful, because you might have a tendency to think excessively about losses. This mentality will cause quarrels and conflicts in the family. Orient your intelligence and skills to find solutions.

Fortunately, in the end, you definitely manage to improve the problem. However, be careful because you still have a lot of financial damage. Be more thoughtful.

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3. Conflict cancer

The most special astrological transit of January 2023 is the first Full Moon of the year passing through your sign, dear Cancer. This makes Cancer vulnerable, whether it is outside, in the real world, or deep in the soul. Despite the fact that he is an enthusiastic and emotional person, Cancer has a tendency to be closed and wait for the initiative from the outside. This year’s February won’t be too mild either. You could even expect a breakup on Valentine’s Day.

You have a high sense of self-protection, so you always build a wall too high against outside intrusions. That is why, at the beginning of the year, you will have difficulties in getting along with people.

It would be good to learn to let your guard down and allow yourself to be loved!

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4. Virgo is under pressure

Until the middle of February, while Venus and Mercury are in Pisces, your sensitivity is at a much too high level. And it’s not that you’re not doing well, on the contrary! You have favorable results in everything you propose.

However, you will always be in a loop of thinking and moving, you will feel tired and exhausted.

The combination of practical wisdom and imagination can make you successful too quickly. This is the pressure you face. While you have the benefits, you feel that they disappear too quickly and are not worth all your superhuman effort.

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5. Sagittarius is wounded

Being one of the signs of problems at the beginning of the year, Sagittarius is considered the most vulnerable sign. With an emotional depth, Sagittarius is prone to drifting and falling into toxic relationships.

Because the fiery nature of Sagittarius and the contemplative nature of Cancer (Full Moon at the beginning of January) are almost opposite, the tendency of Sagittarius is to be impulsive and prone to negative emotions. He always tries to achieve impressive results to be recognized by everyone, but these do not always bring him satisfaction.

Trust yourself and don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by negative thoughts! Better days will come!

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