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How Your Ascendant Influences Your Married Life

Find out what effects your ascendant has on your love life!

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The ascendant, your second astral nature with which you were endowed depending on the time and place of birth, sometimes has an influence equal to or greater than that of the sign you belong to when it comes to dictating your behavior, emotions and reactions. The same applies to how you manage your love life.

The influence of the ascendant on married life

Ascendant in Aries

Independent and sure of yourself, it’s hard for you to find a man who meets your expectations, but you don’t stop looking for him. You feel the need for a stable love relationship, in which you involve yourself body and soul. Insensitive reproaches and impulsiveness can put many partners on the run. You compensate with your passionate nature, always surprising.

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Ascendant in Taurus

When a misunderstanding occurs in a couple, communicate more with your partner, and don’t insist on keeping your anger and silence longer than necessary. Financial stability is very important to you, and the man must offer you security from this point of view. You are loyal to your loved one and constant in your feelings.

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Ascendant in Gemini

It is difficult to keep alive the interest of a woman with a Gemini ascendant because she likes to flirt and conquer more than to make efforts for the functioning of a relationship. You respect your partner’s freedom, but you, in turn, want total independence. You can’t stand monotony.

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Ascendant in Cancer

Extremely sensitive, you get very involved in all love relationships and suffer equally when you discover that your partner did not have equally serious feelings. Be less dependent on the man next to you, don’t suffocate him. The right man will find support and lots of love in you.

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Ascendant in Leo

You know how to stand out and you have many admirers, it’s all about taking advantage of your success and stopping in time to find the partner you want to share your life with so that you don’t have to choose until… you’re left alone. You overreact to criticism. In your intimate life, you are passionate, and your man must be, like you, in an enviable physical shape.

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Ascendant in Virgo

Women with a Virgo ascendant get attached to their partner and hardly give up a relationship. As the trust and closeness between you grow, so does your intimate life. Most conflicts in a couple come from the fact that your lover has to endure criticism mercilessly for the smallest mistake he makes.

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Ascendant in Libra

In general, your relationships are harmonious and long-lasting. You are fair, understanding, and conciliatory and you leave it at your own devices most of the time, in order to see your partner happy. The risk is to indulge yourself more than is necessary with a man who does not make you happy because it is difficult for you to separate from him.

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Ascendant in Scorpio

Your magnetism quickly brings the man you want into bed, and once there, he will hardly forget you. You love passionately, but your jealousy is equal to your passion, hence the tendency to constantly control and behave like a little dictator. Don’t listen to rumors and don’t attack without evidence. Your partner must show a lot of calmness and patience.

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Ascendant in Sagittarius

You don’t feel like a housewife, you don’t like to work, to cook, to be a housewife. Instead, you have an insatiable lust for life and crazy energy that your partner must share with you, otherwise, he can’t keep up with you and you get bored of him. Your permanent desire for novelty predisposes you to flirtations that are not always innocent.

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Ascendant in Capricorn

You look for so many qualities in the ideal man, that you might wait for him all your life if you don’t leave a little of yourself. Once you have found him, fidelity and stability are paramount in a couple. The partner can rely on a woman with a Capricorn ascendant in any situation, even if sometimes she can seem distant and cold.

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Ascendant in Aquarius

You are very loyal, tolerant, and involved in the couple’s relationship. You don’t like monotony, but you don’t let it set in either, being a cheerful, creative person with a lot of imagination. Your lover must be sure of himself and surprise you, be receptive to your wishes, even unspoken ones.

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Ascendant in Pisces

Very feminine and mysterious, it is not difficult for you to conquer a man. It’s all about not scaring him with the amalgamation of feelings suddenly poured over him. Romantic and emotional, you need attention and protection from your loved one. Your organizational skills are completely lacking. Do not exaggerate the spirit of sacrifice, otherwise, you risk always giving more than you receive.

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