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How Your Birthday Defines You

Discover your personal vibration depending on the day you were born!

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Those born on the first day of the month have certain distinct features, as do those born on the 2nd, 3rd, or any of the 31 calendar days. All numbers convey a special energy. And if your date of birth consists of two digits, you must take it into account not only as such but also as the sum of the digits that make it up. Discover your personal vibration depending on the day you were born!

Personal vibration depends on the birthday

Birthday 1

Defining traits: brave, ambitious, with initiative

You are independent and passionate, you like to be the center of attention, to receive praise, and confirmation of your qualities. Impulsivity and aggressiveness can get you down.

Birthday 2

Defining traits: friendly, loyal, empathetic.

Attentive to details, you help others and take care of their feelings. Diplomat, you tactfully avoid conflicts, and you are a good psychologist. You can be shy and distrustful at times.

Birthday 3

Defining traits: spontaneous, motivated, sociable

You have a good opinion of yourself and a special magnetism, you make a good impression wherever you go. You like contact with people, you live in the moment, and you communicate wonderfully. Sometimes you are fussy and a little spendthrift.

Birthday 4

Defining traits: family-oriented, practical, responsible

You have well-rooted principles, you are fair, very attached to your family, you like peace. You don’t adapt easily to changes and you don’t often express your feelings. Your defects are stubbornness and rigidity.

Birthday 5

Defining traits: active, energetic, communicative

Open to new things, you like challenges, adventures, and trips and you love freedom. You take responsibilities very seriously and are persistent. You have no measure of things and you are always restless.

Birthday 6

Defining traits: smart, reliable, fair

Those around you can always count on your help. You like children and you can be a good educator. You have imagination and you love deeply. Your weak points are your naivety and too much trust in people.

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Birthday 7

Defining traits: intuitive, mysterious, proud

Very selective, you choose your friends very carefully. You live your emotions intensely, yet you leave the impression that you are cold and distant. You like solitude, you are introverted and sometimes selfish.

Birthday 8

Defining traits: good organizer, intelligent, ambitious

You have a special sense of business, you are a good leader, and you like to be in control. You tend to dominate both in your professional life and in love. Impatient, sometimes you take unnecessary risks.

Birthday 9

Defining traits: just, communicative, altruistic

You show a lot of compassion for those in need. Humanitarian activities suit you perfectly and fulfill you. You love a lot and intensely. Excessive sensitivity makes you vulnerable.

Birthday 10

Defining features: flexible, creative, strong

Very efficient in everything you do, you accept challenges and always come out victorious. In love, you are very passionate and you want equally energetic people with you. You are jealous and you get bored easily.

Birthday 11

Defining traits: intuitive, idealistic, wise

Sensitive, receptive to the surrounding energies, dominated by the spiritual side, you follow your vocation, you are a help and guide for others. Passionate about art, religion, beauty. You always have your head in the clouds.

Birthday 12

Defining features: practical, active, attractive

You have a special magnetism, you are artistic, you have no shortage of passions and tumultuous feelings, and you are even overwhelmed by them. You have an intense social life. Irritable and unstable, you change your mood from one moment to the next.

Birthday 13

Defining traits: sensitive, disciplined, conservative

You build close and deep friendships, you are steadfast in love. Practical sense helps you overcome life’s difficulties. Anxiety dominates you, sometimes you are overly suspicious, and you don’t trust people.

Birthday 14

Defining traits: bold, ingenious, intelligent

You often throw yourself head first and fight hard to achieve your goals. Very energetic, dynamic, and sporty. You risk a lot and lack balance.

Birthday 15

Defining traits: conscientious, reliable, optimistic

Very attached to your family and children, you are a convinced traditionalist. You adapt easily in unforeseen situations. You are lucky, you learn effortlessly. Your flaws are hesitation and insecurity.

Birthday 16

Defining features: penetrating, spiritual, attentive to details

Smart and intuitive, easily see beyond the apparent. Very charismatic, you never miss friends. You are drawn to mysticism, deeply religious, you are passionate about human nature. Sometimes you are very critical and self-sufficient.

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Birthday 17

Defining traits: original, diplomatic, you love intensely

You stand out because of your good ideas, you are persistent, you set goals that are difficult to achieve and you don’t leave things unfinished. Very good organizer, you can sometimes be too authoritative and impulsive.

Birthday 18

Defining features: materialistic, stubborn, fiery

Very interested in personal success and validation from the public. You fight for love regardless of the consequences, you get involved a lot and you don’t forgive easily. Excessive pride and selfishness are your flaws.

Birthday 19

Defining traits: non-conformist, faithful, rational

Very determined when you propose something, you like to be the center of attention and to be noticed. You stress unnecessarily for fear of making a mistake. Very critical and harsh when you are disappointed.

Birthday 20

Defining traits: fair, friendly, attentive

Tact, correctness and organizational ability bring you success in your career. Dependent on attention and love, you are not very good at self-esteem and you are too sensitive to criticism.

Birthday 21

Defining traits: warm, curious, charming

You express yourself easily, you have a positive, attractive attitude and you don’t really happen to be alone. You want everyone to conform to your requirements and you tend to impose yourself. Sometimes you are superficial and immature.

Birthday 22

Defining traits: intuitive, proud, creative

You are bold, you take risks, you are not afraid of the unknown and you get what you want. Ta is passionate about art, psychology, religion, but also more practical fields, such as architecture. Your flaws are selfishness and stubbornness.

Birthday 23

Defining traits: casual, flexible, insightful

You are great at negotiations, you build relationships easily, you are surrounded by friends, and success always smiles at you. You like to learn new things, and consistency is not your strong point. You can’t stay in one place.

Birthday 24

Defining traits: sensitive, empathetic, emotional

You have a big heart, and you like to help others, but many take advantage of your goodwill. In love, you are generous, you maintain balance and harmony. You suffer if you don’t get enough attention and are excessively shy.

Birthday 25

Defining traits: rational, critical, independent

You rely a lot on logic, you are very analytical and despite all that, your intuition does not betray you. You can be a very good detective. You work better alone and you trust a few people. Sometimes you are arrogant.

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Birthday 26

Defining features: original, brave, realistic

You trust yourself, you like to surpass yourself, be in control, and to organize everything in detail.
Stay well with your finances. In love, you don’t express your feelings facetiously, but you love intensely. You are possessive.

Birthday 27

Defining traits: creative, leadership skills, expressive

You are an inspiration to those around you. You like changes and travel. You don’t have problems when it comes to expressing your feelings, you are romantic, but too easily hurt and disappointed.

Birthday 28

Defining traits: persuasive, confident, analytical

Few people have your ambition. You plan everything in detail and you succeed in everything you set out to do. You have indisputable leadership qualities, but sometimes you are excessively stubborn and inflexible. You lack patience in relationships.

Birthday 29

Defining traits: intuitive, modest, wise.

Very good adviser, you can easily see the right path, especially when it comes to others. Extremely sensitive and gullible, you are too easily influenced by your loved ones. Sometimes you are foolish and suffer intensely.

Birthday 30

Defining traits: enthusiastic, creative, loving

You have charming nature, you are expansive and extroverted, and you love life and people. You are also a very good writer, you are successful in sales. Clutter is your fault, along with the mania to control every detail.

Birthday 31

Defining traits: family-oriented, traditionalist, conscientious

You like stability and balance, which you find especially in the bosom of the family. At work, everyone knows you as fair and disciplined. You can be rigid at times, and in love, you lack the courage to take the first step.

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