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The Best Mothers Of The Zodiac

Overprotective, authoritarian, controlling, gentle, permissive… Each mother praises scolds and raises her child in her own unique way.

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How well everyone does, also depends on the traits dictated by the zodiac.


She is not the kind of woman who will devote herself entirely to the child, and give up her personal life or her own habits just because she is a mother. He will continue to go to the gym or to the massage sessions. She commands respect, she is authoritative, it is not at all easy to hide absences from school or bad grades from her. However, her presence gives you confidence, and at the right time, she gives the child freedom and encourages him to be independent.

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She is her child’s best friend, the mother to whom you can tell all the things you do. He will not judge you, he will help you with the best advice. And she is the master of routine, therefore the schedule goes around the clock, and bedtime or when dinner is served is nailed down. She will not be absent for anything in the world from meetings with her parents to plays or other activities with and about her smell.

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It doesn’t matter how old she is, she’s the youngest and coolest mom you could wish for! The one who goes with you to the movies or to the club, who chooses your best clothes (or lends you hers and everyone wants the same), and with whom you talk for hours when you fall in love. Conversations with her are full of humor and she is a walking encyclopedia, so she helps you in your lessons and always amazes you with the things she knows.

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The kind of mother who doesn’t plan on being away from home for a single day, because she doesn’t trust to leave her beloved child in anyone’s care, would sit like needles. Excursions are only done together with the little ones, so the escapades with the husband become memories. Not out of spite, but out of overprotectiveness, she may end up living for you, making choices in your place, and no one knows better when it comes to emotional blackmail!

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The mother who does everything prepares you and motivates you with her energy. He will kiss you in public even if you are 18 years old! The child of a Leo mother has no time to be bored, he will take karate and piano lessons, and only at night, he has time to breathe. You’re not allowed to take her word for it, she’s the boss in the house! When the situation calls for it, Leoaica defends her offspring with all the resources at her disposal and never stops praising her.

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As she is super organized and very critical, it is hard to thank her. Her child may have the feeling that he is never good enough, and this may create complexes. Often nagging, she has a tendency to manipulate her offspring as she pleases, to choose not only her outfits or her daily menu (by the way, the sweets are under lock and key), but also the college where her husband or wife will go. He knows everything and always has the advice to give.

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Her calm gives you confidence that everything will be fine. She is the mother who gives in to fervent pleas and who you are not afraid of when you make a mistake because she would do anything for you. Did you kill someone? “Ok, and now where do we hide it?” She’ll even call the school to excuse you if you sneeze a little harder. He has a good taste and does everything to pass it on to his children. You will go together to the museum, to the theater, to classical music concerts, but also on the coolest trips!

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You can’t hide anything from him, he seems to even know what you’re thinking! He has everything under control, from your homework to the amount of sugar in the dessert he offers you at the table. Family time is very important for a Scorpio mother and she will make it unforgettable, even if it’s just a picnic or playing cards until late at night. He needs you to always show him how important he is to you and he hardly accepts your decisions with which he does not agree.

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Children of Sagittarius mothers are lucky. It’s fun at your house! Courageous and full of humor, she is the mother who gives you freedom, respects your choices and only scolds you if you have done something wrong. From her you learn that everything has a solution. It doesn’t impose things on you, it just guides you so that you reach the correct conclusion on your own. She is not afraid of challenges, she flies by plane until the last month allowed by her pregnancy and goes to the sea with her newborn baby.

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Even if she adores her child, she doesn’t really know how to show it, she’s not the mother to make statements or suffocate you with her love. She can be distant and rigid at times, ready to do everything according to the book. She often says “no” when you ask her for something because she thinks it’s important for your safety to set limits, so she won’t easily let you go on school trips or at parties with colleagues. It’s only when you’re on your feet that your forehead drops.

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Mother Aquarius wants to have reasons to be proud of her children, so she pressures you to get the best grades, to go to the Olympics, and to learn more foreign languages. She can be quite rigid at times, but skillful enough to impose herself without giving the impression that she chose for you. Even if you are already at home and run to ask for his advice in the middle of the night, he welcomes you with open arms.

It will be a joy for your friends to step on your threshold.

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Her life revolves around you. When you suffer, he cries with you, when you are doing well, he radiates as if his own worries and sorrows are wiped away with a sponge. Pisces mothers’ children are adored and will have a highly developed sense of self-esteem. However, it will not be easy for them to manage on their own if you are always there to get them out of trouble. The empty nest syndrome brings boundless sadness to this mother who would keep you by her side all her life.

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