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What Kind Of Fashionista Are You According To Your Sign

Find out which clothing style suits you according to your zodiac sign!

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You don’t leave the house if you’re not dressed to the nines and your hair is impeccably coiffed, or, on the contrary, do you quickly put on the first pair of pants in the closet and the most comfortable t-shirt and only worry about the details on special occasions? It also depends on the zodiac sign.

Fashion and zodiac signs: how to dress according to your zodiac sign


Trying on clothes for hours seems like a waste of time. You have some unique pieces of clothing, which you combine in two steps and three movements, the result being every time a chic one, admired by everyone. You know how to accessorize even the simplest outfits so that you get a fresh, original look.


Although for you the most important thing is to feel comfortable, you equally like to look good and stand out through your clothes. The quality of the clothes comes first. If you wear tennis shoes, they must be from the latest collection of a big store or in eye-catching colors.


For you, the details make the difference. You know how to highlight even an ordinary t-shirt matched with a pair of jeans, using your specific creativity: a well-chosen belt, necklace, bracelet changes the whole look of an outfit. You get inspiration from magazines, you like to be in trends and it works great for you.


Your sensitive nature makes you choose your clothes according to how you feel. Today you want to go unnoticed and you choose dark colors, tomorrow you make the craziest combinations. Romantic, very feminine outfits fit you like a glove and you get extremely attached to clothes worn on special occasions.

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It doesn’t matter if you wear the latest model of adidas or stiletto shoes, you exude the same confidence and self-confidence. You love to turn heads on the street with the special outfits you wear. Extravagant, often, even if it costs you a fortune. You have a weakness for expensive jewelry.


Very attentive to every detail, the cut of a piece of clothing must be impeccable for you to buy and wear it. Then, any clothes must be ironed, shiny, and perfumed. Your outfits are very feminine, but also very comfortable. You love to be elegant.


You have perfect taste and you dress impeccably. You invest a lot in classic pieces of clothing, but also in unique ones, and you are bold when it comes to transparency or the length of your clothes. You alone create effective outfits, admired even at the most sophisticated events.


The sensuality you exude is partly due to your attitude and partly to the clothes you choose to wear. You have a constant clothing style and you don’t change your look very often. All the clothes in your wardrobe enhance your silhouette and shapes, so you don’t go unnoticed, especially by men.


If you could, you would wear sports clothes every day or, anyway, very casual clothes. They stand out because they are very colorful and cheerful. Only when it comes to parties or special events do you wear high heels, tight dresses, or pretentious, oversized jewelry?


Your style is classic yet sophisticated. You like to have a certain appearance even when you go shopping. Shirts flared skirts, and striped pants were created especially for you. You like to experiment and you think that accessories, especially bags, get you out of any impasse.

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You don’t care what is worn, you don’t care if you are in trend or not! You buy any piece of clothing that you think is nice and you make really crazy, but happy combinations. You are always one step ahead of the trend and your girlfriends often have the habit of imitating your style.


Your outfits are soft, airy, romantic, and exude femininity. It doesn’t really happen that you go unnoticed on the street. Discreet, but elegant and sexy, your bohemian style returns many admiring glances.

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