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The Most Dangerous Men Of The Zodiac For Your Soul

How to behave when dealing with the natives of these signs!

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Let’s be serious: when a man you like invites you to town, his zodiac sign is the last thing that crosses your mind while you turn your closet upside down to take his breath away with the perfect outfit. And even when you fall in love, you don’t do it with an astrology guide in your hand.

However, a little caution does not hurt if you are dealing with one of the natives below. No one says that they have bad intentions or that they can’t make you happy, it’s just that it’s not really in their nature to involve body and soul in relationships. Or if they get involved, it’s not easy to go on the road with them. Take into account all the signals they send you, otherwise you risk leaving yourself heartbroken.

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Men’s signs dangerous for your soul

Gemini, the most cunning

The Gemini man is like a magnet for the opposite sex, no wonder he convinced you from the first to give him a chance to conquer you. And he will do it by clapping his hands. He excites you, undresses you with his looks, and in a short time you offer yourself to him alone, body and soul. And no, he’s not lying when he tells you he loves you (although he would do that without thinking if he’s convinced that the declaration will shorten his way to the bedroom), only that his love is often a straw fire. Today he loves you, what will happen tomorrow he doesn’t know either! After the passion is consumed, the interest is extinguished.

What is there to do? Don’t give up at first, play with him too. After he has you, he doesn’t show your head over heels in love and is available 24 hours a day. Keep him in suspense, let him look for you, don’t tell him anything.

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The lion is too full of him

He loves to stand out, to be surrounded by beautiful women and he is a conqueror by definition. If you are attractive and desired by many, you will definitely attract their attention. He will want you only for himself so that he can be proud of you. This is actually what a Leo is about. He displays you as an expensive jewel and values ​​you, in his own way, but he doesn’t bother to make you happy. I mean, you’re already on his arm, what more could you want? Leo’s pride and selfishness are what prevent him from being a man willing to make concessions and sacrifices for the sake of the woman he has by his side.

What is there to do? Pamper him, praise him, make him feel that there is no one else like him on Earth! He needs a lot of love and it must be clear to him that you would not cheat on him for anything in the world. But if others also give you a hint, you keep their interest all the more alive!

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Virgo wants you perfect

You are probably very close to perfection if a Virgo man chose you out of all the women in the world. At first, he will praise you, compliment you, and flatter you. But soon he will want more. With a Virgo man, you risk making a mistake regardless of your efforts to please him. He is very critical and hurts you without even realizing it with a word said in passing, especially if you are more sensitive by nature. He is very vain and very attentive to details. He will notice even if your blouse is wrinkled or the nail polish is chipped off a nail.

What is there to do? Be sure of yourself, be spontaneous, and be energetic. Surprise him with various initiatives. Of course, always matched, perfumed, epilated, and line-brushed. And in no case do not make it smelly!

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Fish are slippery

Just when you no longer have any doubt that you have conquered him irremediably, Pisces can leave you with your eyes in the sun. This happens, paradoxically, because he has a well-defined portrait of a fairy tale love in his mind, the one he wants for the rest of his life. The woman with whom he ties his destiny must fully meet expectations, and be flawless. And if you deviate even a little from the ideal (without making any fatal mistake, a simple gesture or word can disappoint the sensitive Peste) he will ask himself the question: is she really the one I’m looking for, is she really my soul pair? And every time he will be tempted to try again, maybe he will have more luck. What is there to do? Be as romantic and tender as you can. Look into his eyes, whisper declarations of love to him, prepare him romantic dinners, but don’t completely invade his intimate space. If you are too direct, aggressive or suffocating, you lose him. What is there to do? Be as romantic and tender as you can. Look into his eyes, whisper declarations of love to him, prepare him romantic dinners, but don’t completely invade his intimate space. If you are too direct, aggressive, or suffocating, you lose him.

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