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Familiar, Cheerful, Whiny? How Is The Child Of Each Sign

Because you must never forget your childhood and the child in you, discover the defining features of each child according to their zodiac sign.

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The traits of each zodiac sign are visible, to a greater or lesser extent, from early childhood.

Children’s horoscope: How the zodiac influences the little one


Stubborn, he knows what he wants from a young age and he doesn’t give in even when he breaks his head. It’s not easy to shape him and God forbid you to tell him that he’s not allowed to do something because it’s the first thing he’s going to do! You can only convince him with kind words, never making a fool of him. Commandments only work through tears and hiccups. He is in no mood at all, he gets agitated a lot and hits himself often, especially on the head. Possessive, he can’t bear to share the toys or to put himself second in any situation.

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There is no child more proud of the clothes, dolls or beautiful cars they have, which they never let go of their eyes for a second and would not give in any form, not even on loan. Especially if it’s a girl, she knows exactly what dress she wants to wear when she leaves the house. Being an Earth sign, he loves to play outdoors, and when he’s sleepy or hungry, he makes a big fuss! Give him a piggy bank as a gift and he will certainly not be empty, Taurus is an enterprising little one!

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He has many friends, he is ingenious, creative, very talkative and sociable. He doesn’t give up until he solves the most complicated games, he loves to read them and asks a lot of questions, which you have to answer. It’s just that he gets bored quickly and it’s a challenge to always find other activities that will arouse his interest. He learns to write and read faster than other children. He knows how to trick you and tells lies without thinking, to get away with all kinds of situations.

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Foarte atasat de mama, copilul Rac o sa-ti dea mult de furca daca va avea un fratior sau o surioara, pentru ca se ataseaza puternic si nu e deloc dispus sa imparta tandretea materna cu nimeni. Sensibil, e copilul care plange ca vrea sa doarma cu tine-n pat si sufera la fiecare poveste, cantecel sau desen animat cu final trist. E emotiv si mananca mult cand se simte nesigur, asa ca nu-l premia cu dulciuri! Foarte darnic, ofera cu bucurie din tot ce are!

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He is always the boss at the playground and all the children know he is afraid of him. Very ambitious, he wants to be the best in everything he does. At kindergarten and at school, he will always be the center of attention, he is the child who loves to stand out by dancing or reciting poems in front of the class. It’s ideal to give it to a small sport, even performance. He has a lot of energy and needs to be supervised non-stop, he climbs trees like a monkey and would really like to have one. Getting a puppy is a good idea!

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He is tidy from a young age, he doesn’t like you to change the place of his toys or walk him through the coloring books. He makes whims at the table mercilessly and it is not easy to fool him, he tells you himself what he likes and especially what he doesn’t like, and in this last respect, the list is long. Give him responsibilities and praise him for small successes! Because he is a perfectionist, he must learn that mistakes are not the end of the world. He likes to be useful and helps you as often as he can. If he has siblings, expect him to be naughty and a bit mean!

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Libra children are usually very polite, they listen with great interest to everything you say to them and they rarely run out of words. If another child is cornered, you will notice how your little one defends himself, with the risk of being punished instead. He knows what is good and what is bad, and when he has made a mistake, he recognizes it himself or exposes himself without wanting to. Very attached to both parents, his little Universe shakes from its foundations when mom and dad are arguing. He loves music and musical toys!

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Now he’s laughing, now he’s crying, now he’s serious, now he’s shaking his feet. Scorpio is often a naughty child, whom you have a hard time convincing that he can’t have everything he wants. Screaming and crying loudly to get your attention is his favorite activity! Be careful not to praise other children too loudly, because they will be happy and in tears for hours. Never compare him with anyone and never tell him that he is not allowed one thing or another because “that’s what I say”.

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He doesn’t sit still for a moment, you always have to give him something to do and woe to the grandfather or nanny who watches over him in your absence! A good way to occupy his mind and energy is to take him to karate classes, dance or anything that involves a lot of movement, only then will you be able to enjoy a few hours of sleep in peace! It absorbs information like a sponge and reproduces words you had no idea it heard. A pet can help him a lot from an emotional point of view!

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He is a quiet child, in his place, who doesn’t cause big problems. The secret is to let him discover the world around him by himself, play in the mud or pick fruits with his hands. He is friendly and enjoys spending time in the company of other children, to whom he gets attached very easily. He will be delighted to take it with you to work and pretend that he was a great help, even if all he did was sit in a corner and color. Do not scold him or discourage him, otherwise, he becomes introverted.

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You have to be very permissive with this child, not restrict his freedom, otherwise, he becomes rebellious and difficult. He is happy if you often take him to adventure parks, with the tent, on hikes through the forest, on a picnic, on the green grass, or to riding lessons, because he loves animals. He is a little explorer and puts a high price on every corner or orchard he discovers. Trust him and let him socialize! He is very competitive and likes team spirit.

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He is a shy, sensitive child who needs a lot of protection and love. He helps you with chores with pleasure and gains courage when he is encouraged and praised. It would be good to teach him to swim as a child, maybe even as a baby, or to take him to painting classes when he grows up, because he is very talented. He lives intensely the stories you tell him and dreams of his own winged horse, so don’t be surprised if he talks to his favorite characters, whom he turns into imaginary friends.

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