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Your Addiction According To Your Zodiac Sign

The most dependent and ending with the most independent natives.

Some are more prone than others to develop various addictions, maybe dangerous, maybe annoying, or simply funny. Next, you will find a list of dependents according to the zodiac sign, starting with the most dependable and ending with the most independent natives.

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Dependencies of the signs: which are the most dependent of the signs

1 – Scorpion

The 1st place for the most addictive personality is easily occupied by Scorpions. They cannot live without controlling others and easily become dependent on people, situations, proofs of love, passionate experiences, and even their favorite teddy bear, they attach themselves to body and soul, sometimes.

2 – Pest

It is one of the most vulnerable signs when it comes to addictions. Some naysayers even say that Pisces can become addicted to anything, from alcohol, antidepressants or other substances that give them courage and apparent emotional comfort, to food, feelings, people, or objects.

3 – Gemini

They are dependent on people. The twins do not function well and do not feel in their waters when they are alone, without family, and without friends whom they consider part of their soul. Geminis are also eager for knowledge and addicted to books, documentary series, and various news.

4 – Taurus

They are addicted to comfort, and the feeling they experience the moment they get a much-desired thing or object is priceless. Another thing that Tauruses lose control over is food, which they love. There is no Taurus more tormented than the one who is on a diet.

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5 – Cancer

Family is the strongest addiction of Cancer. They can only part with a loved one by going through the flames of Hell, and their anger is to split the thread in four even regarding minor issues. A less painful but fattening addiction is cooking.

6 – Sagittarius

Sagittarians are addicted to shopping. Convinced fashionistas, even if they have lots of clothes and jewelry, can’t stop buying small accessories that make them feel trendy. To the same extent, they cannot live without diversity: sports and excursions are the salt and pepper of their lives.

7 – Virgo

Women born under the sign Virgo are addicted to cleanliness. It doesn’t matter that everything around is the moon, they still find something to screw up. Even when visiting friends, they feel the need to put things in order, and if someone crosses their threshold, it’s good to step into their house like a minefield.

8 – Aquarius

Where is the point of fun, hop and Aquarius? Movies, gambling, walks, going out late at night with friends, he wouldn’t see himself living without all of this. It is very likely that an Aquarian is addicted to smoking and drinks more than required by social and medical norms.

9 – Aries

They are addicted to movement. Try to keep an Aries in one place and you will see him go crazy. He has tons of energy that needs to be released somehow, either through sports or through various challenges, each one more demanding. Aries do not know how to take things easy, speed is the sap they feed on.

10 – Leo

Leo’s status as a winner is addictive. If he wants a thing or a person with all his heart, that becomes his obsession and he won’t give up until he wins. He loves to feel irresistible, triumphant and superior to others who in turn wanted the same thing and didn’t get it.

11 – Libra

Acquire all kinds of small fixations throughout life, such as healthy food, rather than addictions. If they have a weakness for something, it’s beautiful things, which they adore, be they works of art, clothes or jewelry, in which they invest a lot, financially and emotionally.

12 – Capricorn

They are clearly addicted to work, and their acquaintances can confirm this at any time. Sometimes, they are so concerned and obsessed with a professional project that they spend more time at work than at home. They love to be recognized for their merits!

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