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Weekend Horoscope: Leo’s Relationship Will Become Stronger

Read the predictions of the stars for this weekend and see what awaits you in terms of love, money or health.

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You feel that the love you feel for your partner knows no bounds and he/she feels the same for you. If you are single, this weekend you will enjoy freedom more than ever.


Don’t buy anything impulsively this weekend, because you’ll regret it later. A good friend might be experiencing some problems, see if you can do something to help them.


It’s pretty obvious that you love taking care of your body and really treat it like a temple.

However, this weekend, you can treat yourself to a little culinary treat.


You might feel a little lonely this weekend, but your friends will notice and know what to do to cheer you up. In the end, you’ll have two fun-filled days.


This weekend is a great time for love. Your relationship will become stronger and loyalty too. You are also quite lucky with money.

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You have a lot of plans and very little time.

Even if it’s the weekend, you feel like you can’t stick to your schedule and that you’re going to miss something. The stars advise you to slow down a bit and at least on the weekend to relax.


This weekend you will feel jealous of a close friend. It is possible to look at him with different eyes, although this is not the case. Regarding money, let someone help you and teach you how to manage it.


Don’t struggle to love someone. If the love isn’t there, it just isn’t ready.

Do not get involved in any relationship pressured by a certain person or circumstance.


Planetary movements make you more jealous and possessive this weekend. Be careful because this can create distance between you and your life partner!


You intend to do too many things this weekend, especially physical work. Don’t be so stubborn, it’s okay to say “no” even if someone you love asks you to help them. Do not force yourself, as you could have health problems.

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This weekend you will have the strange feeling of being emotionally fulfilled and yet empty.

Surround yourself with positive people who will lift your spirits when you need them.


This weekend you will have an unexpected but pleasant visit. If you are single, that person may come with romantic intentions. Don’t say “no” without giving him a chance to express his feelings!


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