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How To Take Care Of Your Figure In 2023 According To Your Sign

As the holidays pass, the kilos remain and must be lost as quickly and efficiently as possible.

There are days of the year when diets simply don’t stand a chance. How can you not taste the cozonac, pasta, and other wonderful things on the Easter table? As the holidays pass, the kilos remain and must be lost as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here’s how depending on your zodiac sign!

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Tricks that help you maintain your figure according to your zodiac sign

Aries – let’s go to the gym!

Diets are not for you. At most 1-2 days you manage to eat salads, after which you reward yourself with chocolate, pizza, and red wine. So, leave the post-Easter diet for others and burn the calories at the gym, run on the treadmill or in the park, and treat yourself to some detoxifying massages!

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Taurus – salads

You are a foodie and everyone knows it. Even when you’re on a diet, you have to eat a lot and, above all, tasty. The solution is to give up caloric delicacies in favor of… green ones. Prepare green salads with sophisticated ingredients, salmon, prosciutto, endives, and avocado, until you get rid of all the excess!

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Gemini – 3+3

You get bored quickly, so you have to have a diversified diet, which involves different foods every day. For example, the 3+3 diet: 3 days only vegetable foods, which you can prepare in dozens of ways (salads, stews, baked vegetables), 3 days only proteins (meat, dairy, eggs).

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Cancer – liquid food

As you are one of the best housewives of the zodiac, you must have cooked a lot and eaten plenty for Easter. How do you lose weight? Still “cooking”, but much simpler and healthier. Soups, smoothies, vegetable purees and… that’s about all you should have on your menu for at least a week.

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Leo – let it be protein!

A carnivore by definition, for Easter you’ve certainly had your fill of steaks and meatballs! You know too, excess meat is not good, so we recommend a few days with proteins from other sources. Drink kefir, eat yogurt, curd, or cottage cheese, or choose vegetable proteins, such as mushrooms or chickpeas.

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Virgo – count calories

If a zodiac sign is a perfect candidate for the most drastic regimes ever invented, well, it’s you! An authentic Virgo is perfectly capable of drinking unsweetened coffee in the morning, tea in the evening, and for the rest of the day strictly counting the 1200 calories allowed to lose weight quickly.

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Balance – balance

The extra kilos don’t worry you so much as the imbalance you caused in your body with the Easter excesses. You compensate the feast with a period of abstinence from good things. To feel at peace, you can try a 100% vegan, organic diet for a few days.

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Scorpio – no rewards

You have an extraordinary will and you are very sure of success when you start a diet, but you get extremely frustrated in a short time. Plus you’re greedy and eat a lot when you’re nervous. Don’t eat anything after 7 in the evening, stop munching between meals and the problem is half solved.

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Sagittarius – natural juices

You like traditional food, you like good drinks, only your liver and bile are not the happiest with your choices. A few days of intense detox with natural juices of vegetables and fruits, especially citrus fruits, beets, carrots, and cucumbers give a restart to the digestive system.

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Capricorn – organization

For you, the meal is sacred and you work according to a well-planned schedule. You need a diet that tells you exactly what to eat and at what time. To make it very simple, set a main meal in the middle of the day, and in the morning and evening eat only fruits and vegetables, always at the same time.

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Aquarius – always something else

Restrictions discourage you, you can’t stand being tied to a strict meal schedule. You like to be original and you choose your diet according to your current mood. One day you can only drink juices, one day you can eat only salads, and another day you can fast with seeds and water. You decide!

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Fish – teas

For you, water gets you out of almost any mess, so it also saves you from extra kilos. Drink a lot of liquids, especially natural herbal teas and reduce the portions of solid food. If you also get a subscription to the swimming pool, in a week you will be like new!

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