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How The Planet Of Your Sign Influences You

The planet of your zodiac sign is responsible for many of your traits and the choices you make.

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The planet that dominates your sign can be responsible for some of your deepest traits. See how it influences your way of being and your relationship with others.

The planet that dominates you according to your zodiac sign

Aries – Mars

The male planet of courage, desire, and energy, Mars transforms you into an independent, fighting woman who is not afraid to manage on her own. You do not accept limits, rules, or prohibitions being imposed on you. You are full of passion and always ready for action. And if you always feel the need for a new challenge, if you do anything to surpass yourself, you still have to thank Mars.

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Taurus – Venus

Your femininity and beauty are highlighted by Venus, the goddess of love, the one who makes you attractive, playful, and at the same time practical, hardworking, and desirous of stability because money also falls under her jurisdiction. Your need for comfort, your good taste, the fact that you take your role as a wife, as a mother, and that you are a representative of one of the most faithful zodiac signs is due to Venus.

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Gemini – Mercury

The planet Mercury helps you to be creative, ingenious, curious, and expressive. You are the master of words, with which you play with great ease and pleasure. Everything related to communication is potentiated by the star that dominates you, that’s why Geminis have many friends and an extraordinary ease of adapting to different situations. Blame it on Mercury when you are indecisive or restless.

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Cancer – Moon

It is the star of emotions, intuition, fertility, and motherhood. Under the influence of the Cancer Moon, they are sensitive, emotional, introverted, and dreamy. The Moon is also responsible for your changeable, sometimes nagging nature, for unjustified sadness and pessimism, but also for the deep love you have to offer. In your case, the heart is much stronger than reason.

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Leo – The Sun

Leo is, according to many, the most powerful sign of all and the most envied. The quality of Leos to shine, to stand out, to dominate is given by the Sun, the planet symbol for life, ego, expressiveness, and vitality. The star that governs you brings you extraordinary ease of making yourself noticed, liked, and followed by everyone. Sometimes, you are arrogant and excessively stubborn.

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Virgo – Mercury

Mercury is the planet that determines you to be down to earth, responsible, aware of your priorities, and extremely fair. But, as in the case of Gemini, you are oscillating and changeable. There is a battle in your soul every moment and you almost never have peace. You always make plans, and calculations and pay attention to every detail. But thanks to Mercury, you always make excellent decisions.

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Libra – Venus

Libras’ passion for art, beauty and the desire to always be surrounded by people, is due to the planet Venus. It turns you into a magnet for those around you, makes you captivating, and gives you beauty beyond that of the body. If the Libras are warm-hearted, fair, always smiling, eager for harmony, and charming, the planet Venus has much of the credit.

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Scorpio – Pluto

Scorpios could only be ruled by the mysterious and controversial Pluto. The attraction of this sign for esotericism, but also the close connection with nature is potentiated by Pluto. The intensity of Scorpio’s feelings, its attraction to life and death alike, and the desire for control, possession, but also protection, and rebirth are fully explained in this way.

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Sagittarius – Jupiter

Considered the Great Benefic, Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance, travel, and personal development. The strong faith and the religious side of Sagittarians are also due to this star. Sagittarians have a special intelligence and they like to surround themselves with special, capable, wise people. Jupiter also makes you eager for adventure, to discover new, exciting places and experiences.

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Capricorn – Saturn

It is the planet of discipline, authority, and maturity. Thanks to her, Capricorns show a cautious, orderly, frugal attitude even from their youth. Prudent and thoughtful, you are not easily fooled and it is not easy to earn your trust. A wise soul and a good counselor, you know how to keep a secret and extend a helping hand. However, because of Saturn, you impose too many restrictions on yourself.

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Aquarius – Uranus

The planet of eccentricity, rebellion, and spontaneity, Uranus is the reason why you feel so strongly the need to make a difference wherever you go, to change the world. You like to be a source of inspiration for others and you succeed in everything you set out to do with a lot of work. Also thanks to the Uranian influence, you are extremely inventive and fight to the end for your dreams.

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Pisces – Neptune

When you are told that you are too dreamy, with your head in the clouds, blame Neptune. It is the star that stimulates your creativity, imagination, and sensitivity. You like to help, you offer with an open heart and without expecting anything in return. Compassion, trust in people, and the fact that you never stop believing in miracles is all due to the god of the sea.

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