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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Sense Of Humor Saves Them In 2023

In this day and age, when we are always stressed and anxious, defusing a conflict or cheering ourselves up with a well-timed joke is a skill not many can boast of.

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3 of the zodiac signs have the gift of being funny just when they need to, just enough to get out of trouble and get the necessary dose of optimism and energy.


A contagious optimism, Sagittarius is not easily scared and always falls asleep at night with a smile on his face. Not because things always go exactly the way he wants, but because he doesn’t get overwhelmed when things don’t. And what if she broke a heel or missed a train? He knows how to make fun of trouble and find alternatives among the bravest. He considers humor the best way to deal with difficult situations and finds the funny side even where there is none. Very spontaneous, Sagittarians manages to lighten the mood immediately with a good joke or a nice personal story, and they can’t stand spending time around negative people. In discussions with those they do not have in their hearts, their humor can become biting.

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Geminis are funny and likable by nature. They know how to be nice, say jokes that make everyone laugh and speak sarcasm fluently. Irony and self-irony help them get through disappointments more easily and they make some such successful pranks that you can’t forget them! This master of communication is able to make you laugh even on the saddest day of your life, give you a good shake and bring you down to earth. If Geminis are among the greatest conquerors of the zodiac, this is largely due to their good humor. Everyone wants someone by their side who makes them laugh, and make them feel good. But not always their remarks as fun and innocent as they want to seem. On the principle of “jokingly you can say anything, even the truth”,

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Libra’s sense of humor is perhaps the most appreciated of all, as she never makes corny jokes that could put you in a corner. Positivism, tact, and diplomacy characterize these natives even when they are laughing and having fun so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Those born under this sign manage not only to lighten the atmosphere with their jokes when in a group but even to defuse conflicts when things seem to be about to explode. It is a humor that does not harm anyone but brings harmony and balance. They manage to poke fun at everyone’s foibles, even themselves, laughing at the weird situations life throws us all at some point. And while they don’t have the chops of a comedian, when they’re on the form they can make you laugh with tears,

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