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Where It Comes From And What Your Sign Symbolizes

Each of the 12 signs has a legend, they being associated in ancient Greece with constellations visible periodically in the sky.

Maybe you didn’t pay attention to the graphic representations that you are used to seeing next to each zodiac sign, but you must know that they are not random, but have deep, ancestral meanings. Based on some common elements (circle, semicircle, straight or curved lines), the way they are joined conveys important information: straight lines mean cerebrality, curved ones mean emotional nature and so on. At the same time, each of the 12 signs has a legend, they being associated in ancient Greece with constellations visible periodically in the sky.

What is the meaning of your zodiac symbol?


It is easy to understand that the symbol of the Aries zodiac represents, in a stylized form, the head and horns of this animal, represented as two crescents. The vertical line shows determination, courage and aggressiveness, lack of malleability and sensitivity, tempered by the two crescent moons, symbol of spirit and consciousness. The Aries constellation is based on a fantastic being from Greek mythology, Chrysomallos, the winged ram with the golden fleece.

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The head of the Taurus, as it is represented, in the form of a circle, shows the calm and emotional nature of this zodiac sign, the balance, the consistency of which it is capable. However, the sharp horns suggest specific determination and warn you that you should not play with the patience of a Taurus, who can attack violently when disturbed. In mythology, the Bull was associated with Zeus, who took the form of a beautiful bull, joining the herds of King Agenor, so that he could steal the girl.

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The straight and united lines represent the dual personality of Gemini, but also their need for communication, approval, union with others, to have someone by their side permanently. It is a rational sign, which oscillates a lot before making a decision, but which can behave completely differently from one moment to the next. Diversity is what characterizes you. Two children, the sons of Zeus, are the ones associated, in the past, with the constellation Gemini.

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The symbol of Cancer, consisting of two circles and two crescents positioned in the mirror, open to each other, shows his need for intimacy, love, sensitivity and the intense emotions that this native experiences and shares. He avoids conflicts and adores harmony and inner security. In Greek mythology, associated with the Cancer constellation was Karkinos, the gigantic crab sent to Earth by Hera to defeat Hercules.

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The graphic symbol of this zodiac sign does not contain straight lines, only curves, placed so as to imitate the tail of a feline. It signifies Leo’s flexibility, his ability to adapt, as well as his generosity, and soulful nature. Thus, Leo is, above all, an excellent friend, but also an extraordinary leader. The constellation Leo was associated by the Greeks with the Lion of Nemea, a fierce animal defeated by Hercules, to save the peace of the city.

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It is one of the most complicated signs: it resembles the letter M, completed by a curve whose meaning is the union between feelings and reason, between the desire for spiritual enrichment and the desire to gather results, and material recognition. It is a loyal and very dedicated sign, which organizes itself excellently. In ancient times, it was associated with the goddess Astrea, a virgin considered the embodiment of innocence, but also of justice.

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The straight line contained in the Libra sign is a symbol of balance, of stable, tangible principles that cannot be interfered with. The semicircle, not united at any point with the straight line, signifies the supernatural, the dominant divine will, which manifests itself in Libra’s case through empathy, the desire to help, to do justice. Associated with this sign is the goddess Themis, the ancient symbol of justice and divine justice, depicted holding a balance in her hand.

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Similar to a point with the sign of Virgo, the M being a symbol for the struggle between intuition, reason, and feeling, that of Scorpio ends with an arrow that symbolizes the fatal needle of this sign. It is good not to provoke a Scorpio because it can become not only extremely inflamed but even lethal. According to mythology, the Scorpion would have won its own constellation, which it received as a gift from Hera, after emerging victorious from the battle with Orion.

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The straight lines are a symbol for the verticality of these unshakable natives in their plans, advancing with any risk towards reaching important objectives, the higher, the more motivating. Those born under this sign love traveling and adventures, but they also like to read and learn new things. Sagittarius is a practical sign, dominated by logic and discernment. In mythology, it is based on Chiron, a Centaur who had the gift of wisdom and healing, Achilles’ mentor, depicted with an arrow in his hand.

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The symbol of Capricorn is as complex and sophisticated as the personality of these intelligent, practical natives, who do not give up until they emerge victorious from any situation, with tact and tenacity. In mythology, Capricorn was associated with the god Pan, the protector of herds, transformed into a half-goat, half-fish creature in order to be saved from drowning – this very creature is graphically represented by the zodiac’s specific symbol.

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Water is represented graphically by the sign of Aquarius. The two wavy lines, which do not join at any point, show independence, freedom, and, to the same extent, the lack of predictability in the case of this always surprising, generous and friendly sign, which loves novelty and the exchange of ideas. Aquarius is associated with Ganymede, the guardian of the Olympian gods, the most beautiful of mortals, with whom Zeus himself fell in love.

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The two opposite crescents, but united by a central line, are significant for the inconstancy and hesitation of Pisces, in a permanent search for emotional balance, and stability. The legend of this constellation has Eros and Aphrodite as protagonists, who jumped into the water embraced each other, and turned into fish to protect their love from the wrath of the monster Typhon. This is how the graphic symbol of this sign is explained.

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