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The Sacred Symbols That Protect You According To Your Sign

Graphic signs from ancient Germanic writing, and runes were considered sacred symbols of wisdom and used in various rituals for their magical energy.

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The letters of the runic alphabets were carved on various objects, to function as talismans, they were drawn in houses, with the role of protecting the home from evil energies, and if they were engraved on swords, they would bring victory in battle.

The runes, 24 in number, were also consulted as an oracle for predicting the future. In some divination methods, the runes were scattered like dice, one or more were extracted and they were carefully interpreted, providing answers or clues to the question you were formulating, depending on the combinations, but also on the positions in which they were placed, the interpretation methods being diverse and complicated. Thus, you could predict the future or reveal a person’s character. Each rune has special meanings, announcing peace or war, luck or deception, gains, losses, joys, illnesses, and healing.

Mannaz (self)

Gebo (association)

Ansuz (meaning)

Othila (breakup)

Uruz (power)

Perth (initiation)

Nauthiz (required)

Inguz (fertility)

Eihwaz (movement)

Algiz (protection)

Fehu (wealth)

Wunjo (joy)

Geranium (fruit)

Kano (tolerance)

Tiwaz (honor)

Berkana (growth)

Ehwaz (defense)

Laguz (becoming)

Hagalaz (opposition)

Raidho (journey)

Thurisaz (escape)

Dagaz (progress)

Isa (deadlock)

Sowelu (integrity)

Zodiac signs and runes

Each zodiac sign corresponds to two runes, as follows.

Aries – Fehu and Uruz

Fehu – energy and competitive spirit, wealth, prosperity

Uruz – power over others, freedom, inner and outer strength

You live in the moment and focus on the present. You like to be in the first place and you are lucky enough to succeed in this. Warrior by nature, you fight for what you want, vitality being one of your main traits. You have potential, you are very sincere, but also a bit quarrelsome.

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Taurus – Thurisaz and Ansuz

Thurisaz – struggle, survival, persistence

Ansuz – deity, prayer, blessing, well-being

What you want most is physical and emotional comfort. You want to impose yourself, to receive recognition, and for that you end up, sometimes, doing excesses. You adore everything that is aesthetic, beautiful, luxurious, and valuable. The truth brings you joy and you manage to make inspired choices, which bring you many gains.

Twins – Raidu and Kauna

Raidho – the power of understanding

Kauna – thorough analysis, wisdom

You are in a continuous movement. You are not loyal to a single field of activity and you can change many jobs throughout your life. You are constantly enriching your knowledge, you read a lot, and you are very creative and ingenious. You have to learn to take things one by one, with patience.

Cancer – Gebo and Wunjo

Gebo – exchange, gifts, generosity

Wunjo – emotional security, fulfillment, victory, happiness

You often have illusions, not being advised to have too much trust in people. You are a warm nature, who likes to give a lot, up to the point of sacrifice, but also to receive. You cannot live without attention and love. Family and friends are the ones who bring you well-being and fulfillment.

Leo – Hagalaz and Nauthiz

Hagalaz – public role, understanding, generosity

Nauthiz – personal charm

You are strong, you have many supporters, but you must be careful not to become selfish. It is good to help the less fortunate. Although you always want to be the first, you must learn to give in, to share, to treat others as equals and not to think only of your own pride and needs.

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Virgo – Isa and Jera

Isa – critical, unwavering attitude

Jera – detailed organization and planning

You analyze everything carefully and wisely. Before you make a decision, make sure of its correctness. Sometimes, it is necessary to be more flexible, to accept changes in plans, which can prove unexpectedly beneficial. Your work is rewarded and you enjoy important gains.

Libra – Eihwaz and Perth

Eihwaz – harmony in the relationship with others

Perth – pride and ostentation

For you, social relationships are very important, they bring you peace and soul harmony. You are sometimes mysterious, melancholic and silent, other times cheerful, communicative and smiling. You conquer easily and fight for your principles in any conditions.

Scorpio – Algiz and Sowulo

Algiz – superiority

Sowulo – rivalry, aggressiveness

You are always on the alert and you don’t miss a single detail. You are protective, but also possessive, and dominant. Not infrequently, envy and discord appear, and whims dominate you easily. As long as you have a correct and right attitude, you benefit from luck and blessings. You need optimism and positive thinking.

Sagittarius – Tiwaz and Berkana

Tiwaz – social status, justice, sacrifice

Berkana – favorable calculations and combinations

Courage and energy are your defining qualities. You are an honest person with solid principles. Throughout your life you go through many stages of intellectual and emotional evolution, you open your mind and soul, but you keep your optimism. Unique experiences and trips tempt you.

Capricorn – Ehwaz and Mannaz

Ehwaz – social status, fulfillment of basic needs

Mannaz – reciprocity, collaboration

Your success is due to your personal efforts and the time invested in them. You achieve a lot on your own, with enviable ease and you always find effective solutions. Communication is an element you still have to work on. Sometimes, it is necessary to ask for advice and receive help.

Aquarius – Laguz and Ingwaz

Laguz – expressiveness, creativity, secretiveness

Ingwaz – independence, desire for freedom

You have extraordinary intuition and make excellent decisions purely on instinct. You are always charming and dreamy, sometimes duplicitous. You have to interact as often as possible with people who motivate you with their optimism so that you become the best version of yourself.

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Pisces – Othala and Dagaz

Othala – dream

Dagaz – a new beginning, communication between Heaven and Earth, growth, happiness

Pisces are always looking for a balance between the spiritual and the physical, material world. Your relationships are based on deep love, empathy, and giving. Moments of sadness and loneliness are quickly banished if you get rid of preconceived ideas and focus on concrete, plausible tasks.

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