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Top 3 Funniest Zodiac Signs

With them, you have a lot of fun and laugh with all your heart.

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Anyone is lucky to have them around because their joy is contagious!

3 funniest zodiac signs


In the company of a Sagittarius, monotony will be your last worry! He doesn’t take things seriously and loves to have fun, so he makes fun of everything and conveys the same mood to you. You will find something funny in any experience, from the puddle where the freshly washed car was parked, to the all-you-can-eat diet, so that it makes you feel good without making any effort. Having such a man nearby helps you to be more relaxed and to fully enjoy every moment, without thinking about the small imperfections or lack.

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If you go with a Gemini to a sober and serious event, your reputation is at risk, because it’s not a big deal to tell jokes even if it’s at a funeral. Simply, sadness and fear are not for him. They know how to make fun of trouble and, laugh at their own flaws and lightly destroy those of others. If your mascara is smudged or your tights are torn, Gemini will tell you in such a way that he doesn’t leave you any chance to get upset. Gemini’s creativity and charisma surpass those of a comedian.

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Perhaps the most sociable of the zodiac, Libra loves life and people alike, and one of the most pleasant ways to relax is humor. He simply knows what and when to say to relax the atmosphere and bring a smile to your face. She gives you her energy and gets excited with every giggle she gives. Libra does not give up from any childhood, even if he has to stick his tongue out, dance on top of the table or sing like a soprano to make his friends laugh copiously.

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