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The Books That Suit Your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to relaxation, reading is one of the simple activities available to anyone.

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But not every book is suitable for everyone. You can make the right choice depending on your current mood and your zodiac sign!

Aries – pocketbooks

With patience like yours, “sitting” and reading seems like wasted time. The more pages a book has, the more it discourages you. You want everything concrete, in the form of a diagram or summary, so practical, short and to-the-point guides are ideal for you , not endless stories…

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Taurus – about the secret of success

You love to read the stories of people who achieved what they set out to do in life, even if nothing seemed to work for them. It inspires you and motivates you not to give up on your ideal. At the same time, don’t miss the reference books by great authors, which you think should be checked by everyone, for general culture.

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Gemini – you read anything

You are like a sponge, you absorb everything new and the information you receive is never too much. Regardless of the topic of the chosen book, you will still find something to learn, to praise, to criticize, to debate with friends. But you fall in love with authors and characters who challenge you intellectually.

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Cancer – about feelings

Books about love are the ones in which you lose yourself the most, they give you hope that love wins. You are not only a romantic par excellence, but also a born storyteller. You love to tell fairy tales to children and you can even compose stories or verses of enviable depth.

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Leo – motivational readings

The books about famous leaders, heroes, saviors, about strong people who lived downright unreal adventures, captivate you. At the same time, psychology and philosophy books help Leos to better understand human nature and fight their own weaknesses.

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Virgo – the power of the present

I like the readings that teach you about the joy of living. Since you tend to anchor yourself too much in work and responsibilities, you need to learn from others how important it is to relax, to enjoy the simple moments. You also like well-documented books on diet, medicine, and healthy living.

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Libra – femininity and kindness

The books you adore are about beauty and soul purity, about the power of friendship, compassion, and forgiveness. You enjoy reading the stories of characters who fight for justice, who face the world to defend their truth, and who go to the end of the Earth in search of their soul mate.

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Scorpio – let it be sci-fi!

For you, nothing is what it seems, and many of the ideas you have today you would discover precisely through reading. You love getting into people’s minds, unraveling mysteries, and discovering mind-boggling things. You are captivated by fantastic or sci-fi stories about consuming passions, revenge, or paranormal powers.

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Sagittarius – about travel

You find yourself, especially in books that have this theme of spiritual or initiatory journeys, you like adventures that lead to the end of the world, to unexplored lands and that have as their finality happiness, the fulfillment of a dream. You recognize yourself in the strong characters, who have the courage to challenge themselves, not to give up their quests.

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Capricorn – you read and learn

Because you are very practical, you enjoy reading tricks on how to organize your work, planter or space in the house as efficiently as possible. When it comes to more serious books, you choose those inspired by real events, life stories that have as little as possible to do with fiction.

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Aquarius – something new

It fascinates you to find out how various objects, companies or ideologies that conquered the world came about, and you want to be a trailblazer yourself. You fall in love with atypical books that don’t respect clichés and manage to surprise you when you least expect it.

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Pisces – about magic

You read with interest about astrology, life after death, telepathy, miraculous healings or immortal loves. You are just as attracted to the magic that happens in people’s souls, in the form of psychology or spirituality books. You never seem to know enough about the history of art, music and religion.

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