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Which Flowers Suit You According To Your Sign

Each zodiac sign has a lucky flower, but also some flowers that will always charm him instinctively, due to their appearance, smell, or meaning.

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The gesture of offering flowers will never go out of fashion, and by some, it is considered a true art. Even if all the flowers are beautiful and make a good impression, only a few are really compatible with the person who is going to receive them. You can make the right choice by taking into account the influence of the stars: each zodiac sign has a lucky flower, but also some flowers that will always charm him instinctively, due to their appearance, smell or meaning. Here’s how you can make a wonderful gift, depending on the recipient’s zodiac sign!

Suitable flowers according to the zodiac sign


Never banal, a large bouquet of red or orange flowers like fire will immediately win the attention and sympathy of an Aries woman, who appreciates spontaneous, surprising gestures. If you want to give a house plant as a gift, then begonia, rhododendron or a cactus with colorful inflorescences are suitable choices.

The lucky plant: honeysuckle

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Taurus is on the one hand conservative, patient, and calm, on the other hand, they are cheerful and eager to enjoy life. The sophisticated lily, the delicate lilies or a bouquet of poppies will bring a smile to the Taurus woman’s lips. For home, choose cyclamen or violet.

The lucky plant: the lender

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Geminis are not delighted by any flower, they always want the most spectacular and unusual one. Azalea, the symbol of femininity, lavender, with its calming effect, or lilac, which awakens the senses, suits them. If you don’t want to make a mistake, offer the Gemini woman a large bouquet with multicolored flowers of different varieties.

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White or yellow roses express the same delicacy and sensitivity as Cancer. For the apartment, give him a healing aloe plant or a pretentious bonsai, which he will take care of with devotion. Gardenia and kalanchoe are the more cheerful and attractive options, also for the home.

Lucky plant: ruin

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She adores brave gestures that show how much you appreciate her. She will be delighted by the huge bouquets, of flowers that stand out, such as calla lilies or sunflowers. Potted marigolds are a simpler option, but solar, therefore pleasing to Leos.

Lucky plant: linden

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He prefers elegant plants, such as white lilies or hydrangeas, and you can always enchant them with a bouquet of chrysanthemums, considered a representation of perfection, wisdom, and serene life. But they will also get emotional in front of a delicate bouquet or pots of white daisies or in vibrant colors.

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In love with beauty, Libra adores delicate flowers, beautifully scented or with special symbolism, such as pink or pale roses, hydrangeas, freesias, and violets. Elegant and feminine, potted fuchsia is the ideal flower to decorate a Libra’s home.

Lucky plant: black grass

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The complex personality of Scorpios makes them prefer exotic and spectacular plants, such as rare species of orchids. At the same time, peonies, a symbol of feminine beauty, leander, but also sensual jasmine or mysterious irises make a pleasant impression on a Scorpio.

Lucky plant: chrysanthemum

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This sign that likes challenges does not give up on growing a special plant in the house, a palm tree, a lemon or an olive tree. If you want to give him a pleasant surprise for the moment, you can do it quickly and simply: he loves brightly colored flowers. It is said that daffodils and dandelions are among the favorites of informal Sagittarians.

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Although it is not a very sensitive sign, Capricorn melts in the presence of flowers and, in general, in the middle of nature. Carnations, pansies or tulips are simple but very popular choices. Capricorns can grow a large plant in their house, such as ficus or leander.

Lucky plant: carnation

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The more unusual the plant, the happier Aquarius. You can’t go wrong by offering her a spectacular flower, such as the Bird of Paradise, a bouquet of multicolored gladioli or even a sophisticated ikebana arrangement, a precious and unforgettable gift.

Lucky plant: the orchid

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Pisces dreamers love flowers that stimulate their creativity and sensitivity. They will always appreciate magnolias, and fragrant hyacinths, and when it comes to houseplants, geraniums attract them. And it should be known that Pisces has an unparalleled passion for water lilies, signifying the purity and power of nature.

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