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The Spirit Animal Of Your Sign

Discover the spirit animal assigned to your zodiac sign!

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Consciously or not, we all have a special animal correspondent, with whom we feel a special connection as if its features mirror our strengths, weaknesses, or deepest desires. Discover the spirit animal assigned to your zodiac sign!

The spirit animal for each zodiac sign

Aries – tiger

You are brave and strong and you intimidate others with your decision when you want something. You like to take risks, and you are not afraid to fight for what you want, especially if it is about people or things you love. Like the tiger, you are competitive and never give up.

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Taurus – dolphin

You are generous, you have a lot of patience and you don’t hesitate to offer your help when you are asked, just like dolphins, these nice and friendly beings that everyone wants to spend time with. Although you are serious and responsible, you become open and playful with the right people and have a good time.

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Gemini – chameleon

Your dual nature makes it difficult for many to understand. You have moments of pessimism, when you feel fragile and vulnerable, but also a cheerful, optimistic side that helps you move forward and find solutions. You are changeable and spectacular like a chameleon.

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Cancer – caine

No one else could represent you better than the most faithful of animals, capable of the purest and most selfless love. You get extremely attached to people, whom you follow and love until the last moment, no matter how much they have wronged you throughout your life.

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Leo – peacock

Like the peacock, you like to impress, turn heads, and be the center of attention. You are aware of your strengths and no one can resist the charm and energy you spread around. In addition, you are an integral, noble person who can guide others with pride.

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Virgo – bear

Although it keeps many at a distance, the bear is a quiet and kind animal, modest and shy. He loses his patience and becomes irritable only when he feels in danger or if someone puts his patience to the test. Similarly, Virgo, practical and methodical, generous and with a big heart, is the person you can rely on when needed.

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Libra – elephant

The elephant is an intelligent and gentle animal, with an imposing, dominant presence. Wisdom and strength turn him into a good leader, but also a friend. For her part, Libra knows how to assert herself when it comes to defending her values, and family is very important to her, especially children and the elderly.

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Scorpio – the cat

You know people at the first sight and you penetrate into their souls without making any effort. You are secretive and secretive, like a feline who always gets what she wants. Once someone enters your soul, you become the most loving and cuddly, but you don’t like to share the attention.

Sagittarius – wolf

You are strong and you like to feel safe, alone or with others. Like a wolf, you do well in large groups and have no problem making friends. Both Sagittarians and wolves are loyal creatures, devoted to the end, who adore justice and do not run away from responsibilities.

Capricorn – Leo

Ambitious, aware of your inner strength, you like to be in control and you plan things in such a way that you are successful in everything you do. You know how to use your power excellently, dominating like a proud lion. Leo also teaches you to control your emotions and use them to your advantage.

Aquarius – monkey

The monkey is the most intelligent and funniest of all animals. Like her, you are friendly, free, and creative and there is no problem for which you cannot find solutions. You have unlimited intuitive resources, but also an enormous capacity for compassion and understanding for your peers.

Pisces – owl

The owl is a mysterious bird, but also a symbol of wisdom and the ability to look beyond appearances. She is the one who guides you and opens your eyes. Like them, Pisces are withdrawn, dreamy, deeply spiritual beings, with an extraordinary capacity for observation and perception.

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