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Broken Loves From Fairy Tales: Pairs Of Signs That Match Perfectly

Perfectly compatible zodiac pairs!

It is not easy for two people from two perfectly compatible signs to meet, but when this happens, they are inseparable. And the 6 perfect couples of the zodiac.

The most compatible pairs of zodiac signs

Aries – Sagittarius

These two fire signs are not easily impressed, nor do they give in to covenants and promises, but when they meet, their compatibility is almost total. They will make any sacrifice to be together and will become best friends, lovers, husbands, and parents. They are equally energetic, passionate and sensual, and each is able and eager to keep up with the other, enjoying challenges. They encourage each other and, even if they still fight sometimes, the native optimism brings them harmony. Their life together is a beautiful adventure!

Taurus – Virgo

Both Taurus and Virgo treat love relationships with great seriousness and patience. They show an equal measure of prudence, so they wait until they meet their ideal partner, the one who will offer them stability, comfort, and tenderness. And they fully give each other all this, even if there are rare moments of anger or dissatisfaction. It is a couple that, once welded, cannot be separated easily, because they understand each other in all aspects and do not conceive of life separately. They support each other, they read each other’s gestures, they find peace next to each other.

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Pisces – Scorpio

The soul depth of these two signs is their first and most important common point. I love madness, I yearn for tenderness, sensuality, and romance, which I find in each other’s arms. It is one of those loves broken from fairy tales, about which you are convinced that it comes from another life and that it will not end even after death. They know and understand each other intuitively, without explanations. From a sexual point of view, the match is perfect, and as long as Pisces is in love and totally faithful, there are no reasons for suffering.

Cancer – Capricorn

In their case, opposites attract. They have something to learn from each other and complement each other wonderfully, although sometimes Cancer is too sensitive and whiny for the traditionalist and constant Capricorn. But Cancer’s tact and empathy quickly manage to tame Capricorn’s aloofness, which does not find it easy to open its soul. In the presence of Cancer, there is no need to do it either, because this water sign finds its own way directly to the secrets of the heart, where it nestles forever. They will place a high value on family, which brings them closer and strengthens their attachment.

Leo – Libra

Gingasia and Libra’s desire to fight for justice impress Leo, who feels the need to protect her, make her feel the most loved and pampered. Quite simply, the Leo remains defenseless in front of the charm of this air sign. It is said that even from an intimate point of view, their attraction is irresistible, so that once they have met, it is difficult for them to separate from each other. Leo likes to be the center of attention, and Libra is also very sociable, always smiling, so they satisfy each other’s egos and enjoy a balanced and harmonious journey together.

Gemini – Aquarius

The relationship between these two air signs can start from a strong physical attraction, amplified by the frothy discussions, which both enjoy to the fullest. Both adore freedom, adventure, the new, the challenge. Above all, they are friends, they understand each other and support each other’s ideas, no matter how unrealistic or crazy they may seem. Everyone has initiatives and desires that leave no room for blasé or boring routine. The surprises they give each other are among the most beautiful, as is their life together: almost flawless.

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