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Weekend Horoscope: A Special Friend Appears In Scorpio’s Life


The stars are sending you strong energy this weekend. In other words, it will be two ideal days for love and passion. If you are single, you will have the courage to send the messages you want, to whom you want.

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Even if you like and want to go for a walk, this weekend, traveling will be nothing but a daydream. In terms of money, the names 23 and 57 will bring you good luck.


Pay attention to your health this weekend, because your sensitive point will be your neck. Also, many accumulated feelings are trapped inside you.

It will be hard for you to be around your family. For some reason, it causes you a lot of stress.


You have always been a romantic person who believed in fairy tales. However, real life is not like a movie, especially how relationships work. Relationships take a lot of work and communication. You will realize this only in these days!


If you are going on a trip, make sure you have all the documents with you. Print all your tickets just in case, because this weekend may come with some unwanted challenges.

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Your health is fine, but your weak point will be your stomach.

Be careful about the foods you eat this weekend because some of them could be bad for you. If you feel any more acute pain, consult your doctor immediately.


Don’t feel like you have to act a certain way around someone. This will not work in the long run, especially in love relationships. You can count on your friends for a loan if you need money this weekend.


If you are single, this weekend you will enjoy the company of a friend who is more than a friend to you. If you already have someone, that person will surprise you.

It’s a beautiful way to rekindle the flame of love between the two of you.


Traveling is not something you really want to do this weekend. However, if you have to go to a foreign city or country, try authentic food or activities specific to the area, you’ll be invigorated!


You have an amazing personality, and this weekend you want to make new friends wherever you are. Emotionally, you feel a lot of confusion. However, this is only temporary. It’s a good weekend to think about the future and your plans for the long term.

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Try not to take things too personally with your partner.

His/her purpose was only to make the relationship stronger. This weekend, everyone wants a piece of you, but only go where YOU want to go.


Think more about your health and pay attention to what you eat. You will adopt a good routine in no time. This weekend will be full of culinary challenges, see what you choose from it!

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