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The Motto That Guides You In Life According To Your Sign

This rule of thumb is reflected in all your choices and actions.

Consciously or not, each of the 12 zodiac signs works according to a certain principle, dictated by the native traits and grounded throughout life. Even if it doesn’t always turn out to be a winning option, this rule of thumb is reflected in most of our choices and actions.

The motto of each zodiac sign

Aries – It’s better to risk and make a mistake than to wonder “what if ” 

Aries is on the podium of the most impulsive signs. Courageous and exuberant, he doesn’t like to wait for the perfect moment, he reacts when and how his soul or, more likely, instinct dictates. He would rather lose than regret not trying.

Taurus – If you hurry, you don’t get far

One of the most calm and patient zodiac signs, Taurus loves to do things methodically, quietly, without haste. Those born under the sign of the Taurus believe that it is better to be cautious and think everything through if you want to succeed in what you propose in the long term.

Gemini – You don’t owe anyone anything

It is known about Gemini that the idea of ​​making commitments or being constrained in any way scares them. Even if they love their friends from the bottom of their hearts, they keep a certain distance. The loved ones must know their limits and not consider that everything belongs to them.

Cancer – There is no love without sacrifice

Sensitive Cancers adore sentimental stability and the idea of ​​family. There is, from the perspective of this zodiac sign, no great effort when it comes to the good of loved ones. It is worth sacrificing everything for love, because without it happiness is not possible anyway.

Leo – If you are not loved, everything is for nothing

Leos like to be the center of attention, to hold the role of leader, to be respected and praised. But all this would be in vain if they did not also enjoy the admiration, respect and love of those they deal with. Leos get their energy from the proofs of love they receive.

Virgo – You can always do better

It is said about those born in Virgo that they are the perfectionists of the zodiac, never fully satisfied. Indeed, Virgos have high standards and always try to make things closer to the ideal, without fail, being as demanding as anyone.

Libra – Always give what you expect to receive

Those born under the sign of Libra are an example of altruism. They understand human nature very well, they love to be surrounded by people and they know exactly what is needed if you want to enjoy peace and harmony: reciprocity and attention to the feelings of others.

Scorpio – You gain trust in a lifetime and lose it in a second

Possessive Scorpios are relentless when it comes to the honesty and devotion of the people they trust. They themselves are very deep and constant, they do not change over the years and expect the same in return. It is extremely difficult to obtain the forgiveness of a Scorpio.

Sagittarius – No matter how today ends, the Sun will always rise tomorrow

Sagittarians are always optimistic, cheerful, enthusiastic. Even if they also experience moments of upset and disappointment, when you certainly wouldn’t want to see them, they still hardly lose hope. Sagittarians are convinced that everything has a solution and that nothing is final.

Capricorn – Winners don’t give up

It is said about Capricorns that they always get what they set out for, with unparalleled perseverance and determination. Those born under this sign do not give up their dreams easily, no matter how many obstacles they encounter on their way. Ambition is their asset.

Aquarius – Being like others is boring

If you’re an Aquarius, few things stress you out more than routine. Blazing is what you want to avoid at all costs. That is precisely why Aquarians are original, unpredictable and even eccentric at times. He considers it a challenge to always be different from the majority.

Pisces – Be kind whenever you can

It is no coincidence that Pisces are loved and respected by those who know them. This happens because they always offer their help generously, without asking for anything in return. Easily impressed, their moments of selfishness are rare.

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