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Top 3 Signs That You Can’t Get Mad At Even When They Argue With You

The signs you can’t be angry with for too long!

Even when they get really angry and get into a serious argument with their loved one, they do it gently and with a sense of humor, so instead of holding a grudge against them, chances are you’ll burst out laughing or find them right.

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Signs you can’t be angry with for too long


Words are their playground. They use them subtly to show you what they don’t like without attacking you directly or aggressively. It is said that no one can win an argument with a Gemini, so many and unbeatable arguments he has, most of the time. But Geminis are very indecisive by nature, so in the middle of an adversarial discussion, they might unexpectedly prove you right or change the subject.

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One thing is for sure: a Sagittarius will tell you directly how they feel, without trying to get you, especially if you did something that upset them. He’ll want you to debate the topic and come to a mutually agreeable solution (meaning you agree with his opinion, not the other way around), which can be downright funny at times. Or he decides to ignore you until he forgets what started it all. In any case, the faster it lights up, the faster it gives up on the attack.

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For Libra, it is very important that someone (especially you) confirms that she is right. However, they consider arguments pointless and prefer to quickly reach a compromise to end the tension. Even when he has to reproach you for fundamental things, he will do it in the most delicate and charming way possible. And if you’re in love, how you react to her complaints will be a pass or fail test of your compatibility and “chemistry”.

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