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Weekend horoscope January 23-29

Read this weekend’s horoscope and find out what awaits you!

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You can take a trip to be with family or go meet up with relatives nearby this weekend. You will make your loved ones very happy. They will be surprised and your heart will be filled with satisfaction to see them like this.


The stars advise you to pay more attention to your relationships this weekend, especially your loved ones. Ask for advice when you feel like things are beyond you, it’s not a good time to learn from your mistakes.


This weekend is perfect for going out with friends or on romantic dates. It is important to set aside time for yourself and your desires from time to time.

You’re good with money, so you can indulge a few whims.


Many things will happen in these two days. Fortunately, all auspicious. Either there will be a long-term reconciliation, or you will receive something that you have wanted for a very long time. Remains to be seen!


This weekend will not be a very good one for you. These days may find you low on energy and perhaps with mild cold/flu symptoms. Even if you had other plans, it is advisable to put everything on hold and recover.


This weekend will be great for you, both materially and emotionally.

You receive colossal news from a close person, and from that moment on, your life will change. In good!


These two days will be contradictory. If on Saturday you will feel great, on Sunday you will receive news that will deeply sadden you. However, try to get through it with as much stoicism as you can.


This weekend you will receive an unexpected visit that will bring you unexpected news. The shock will be quite big for you, even if the situation is not bad at all. Try to process the received information as rationally as possible.


According to the latest predictions of the stars, your love life will take a drastic turn this weekend.

The person you thought loved you more than anything in the world turns out to be the exact opposite. The hypothesis of infidelity is not excluded.


This weekend you have to be more careful with your spending. Your environment manipulates you into doing what you know you shouldn’t do. Try to go out as little as possible these days.


This weekend you will manage to do something you have been planning for a long time. You finally have the time you need, so don’t let laziness or other influences stop you. If it’s about cleaning the house, you need to do it now!


These two weekend days will be quite busy.

If you have children, they will demand a lot from you, but it won’t be unpleasant, just tiring. With better organization and a schedule to stick to, you won’t go wrong.


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