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Astrology: Beauty Profile For Each Zodiac Sign

The representative area for you, depending on your zodiac sign, and some tips to take care of it!

Which part of the body represents you and should be emphasized through makeup, clothes or beauty rituals also depends on your zodiac sign. Here is the representative area for you and some tips to take care of it!

Which part of the body represents you according to your zodiac sign


For Aries, the head is the representative area, and the face, temples, ears are considered erogenous points. As long as the eyes are highlighted and the eyebrows are nicely contoured, you feel beautiful and attractive. When you go to the beauty salon, try not only the classic skin masks, but also the facial massage – you will be amazed by the state of relaxation it gives you.


You love all pampering rituals, no matter what part of the body it targets. But the neck is an area that you must pay attention to every day, even if most women neglect it. Moisturize it in the evening and in the morning with the creams you use for your face, adorn it with necklaces and soft scarves and don’t forget to apply a drop of perfume on your neck before leaving the house.


Always visible, the hands are a business card that must look flawless, especially in the case of the Gemini woman, who socializes a lot. You like to communicate through body language, gesturing, and your smooth skin and flawless manicure give you confidence and make a good impression. Retouch your manicure weekly and be sure to always carry a hand cream in your bag.


The zodiac sign of Cancer is associated with motherhood, as are breasts. For the Cancer woman, it is very important that this area looks good and is seductive. Do special gymnastics exercises to tone your breasts, apply a moisturizing lotion daily and use bras that offer you not only comfort, but also sensuality.


For the Leo woman, hair is a strong point: she likes to impress with her haircut, color or hairstyle. Take care that it is always dyed, hydrated, freshly washed – these details will give you a feeling of well-being and confidence. And when you make an appointment at the hairdresser, ask for an intense scalp massage: you’ll see how quickly it revitalizes you!


Their proverbial perfectionism is also reflected in the beauty ritual. A Virgo does not leave the house untidy, and most of the time her make-up is impeccable, done with care, even if it takes a lot of time. Regarding daily care, pay attention to every centimeter of skin, from the complexion and the eye area, to the cuticles. Body wraps are the ultimate indulgence for Virgo.


Libra women are said to be attractive without doing anything special for it. They stand out for their symmetrical features and the naturalness with which they know how to highlight them. The look and the smile are the two irresistible strengths of the Libra. Eye and lip makeup, even if they are minimalistic, should not be missing. Nor the masks and treatments for these areas.


Seduction is an art that you master very well. Don’t be shy to attract attention with bold makeup elements, smokey eyes, contact lenses or nail polish in unusual colors attract you. But the part of the body that you like to highlight is the rear. Massage, anti-cellulite creams and sports will make this area look like millions!


You are always on the move, you like to travel, go on hikes, run around, and all this requires your feet, which you must take good care of: pedicures and moisturizing creams should not be missing from your routine of care. At the same time, Sagittarius women are proud of their thighs and hips: highlight them through your outfits!


Your makeup is classic, as natural as possible, as are your hair colors. You care a lot about your skin and the products you use to care for it must be of the best quality, from detoxifying serums and foundation with sun protection to professional masks. To preserve the freshness of your face, put reluctance in the nail and use facial rejuvenation procedures in time!


Lips are the ones you like to highlight – if they are soft and beautiful, you feel good too. You can try to wear lipsticks in unusual, bold shades, as long as they match your skin and hair. Even more important is the care ritual. Remove make-up from the lips at the end of each day and apply shea butter or a nourishing balm overnight.


The soles are an area that Pisces should include as often as possible in their beauty ritual. The legs and the lymphatic system are representative of this dreamy sign, symbolizing their connection with the Earth, with the real world. Besides the classic pedicure and foot massage sessions, you should try reflexology.

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