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Secrets Of Reading In Books: What Do The Lenormand Books Say About Your Future

Find out from Miss Lenormand what awaits you in the future!

Lenormand decking is similar to Tarot decking. They were invented by Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand in the second half of the 18th century, who is said to have been a gifted soothsayer of the times in which she lived. Today we invite you on a fascinating foray into the world of Miss Lenormand’s divination system to discover what your future holds!

Lenormand card display for all signs

Aries – The Knight

The knight is a young man full of vigor and energy, ready to face anything. Therefore, this card means that a major change awaits you, most likely on a personal level. The road to get there will not be easy, but surely at the end of it a great success awaits you. Moreover, the Knight will give you a dose of energy and optimism to successfully overcome all obstacles. The Knight also shows a new chance in love.

Taurus – The Tree

For Taurus natives, the Tree shows the emergence of a karmic connection in the lives of these people or even finding a soul mate. In the case of natives who are in a long-term relationship, the Tree can show a certain routine in the relationship, the loss of romance and the ingrained habits that kill the relationship slowly but surely. However, let’s not forget that this book signifies, at the same time, rebirth and as such, the possibility of repairing an old love story, provided that the past is wiped away with a sponge.

Gemini – The bouquet of flowers

The bouquet always brings good news. This card shows that the native will go through a profound transformation and emerge victorious at the end of it. Also, the Bouquet shows that those born in Gemini will find the strength to detach themselves from useless or harmful things in their lives and can prepare for a favorable period in all areas, including love. Equally, the Bouquet portends welcome news from far away.

Find out from Miss Lenormand what awaits you in the future!

Cancer – The baby

As Cancer natives are well connected to family energy, no other card is more representative of them than the Child. This card shows Cancers that joy and emotional balance come from the little things. It also indicates to these natives that the time has come to take heart and enter a new phase of their lives, either in terms of their relationship as a couple or in terms of housing. Innocent and inexperienced, the Infant nevertheless warns that Cancer natives are tempted to make subjective decisions without studying a given situation in depth.

Leo – Luceafarul

For natives in Leo, Luceafărul shows, above all, the reputation of these natives which is getting better and better. This can prove to be surprisingly useful in the workplace. Despite the general unfavorable situation, Leos can receive very good news professionally. On a personal level, Luceafarul shows new thrills in love. If for single natives this is very good news from head to tail, for those in a relationship it may mean that the time has come to make a radical decision about the future of this love story.

Virgo – Crossroads

In the Lenormand system of deviance, the Crossroads shows that the one to whom the cards are opened is master of himself and symbolizes free will. At the same time, it means that for Virgo the time has come to choose your path and make a radical decision. In love, it can mean duplicity and that this native’s heart is undecided between two people or between the chance of a new beginning and an irrevocable end.

Libra – Heart

It’s no surprise that this card portends wonderful things on the love front for Libra natives. It is important to emphasize that the Heart does not only symbolize romantic love, but love in all its forms. Therefore, for those born under this sign, there is a period in which they will receive more care and affection than they have ever received, either from a partner or a potential lover, but also from family or friends.

Scorpio – Wedding ring

The wedding ring is a capricious card, just like the sign it represents. On the one hand, for Scorpio natives, this card means fulfilled promises, signed contracts, new responsibilities and, of course, marriage or a stable relationship. On the other hand, it warns these natives that in the next period they will feel trapped like in a hamster wheel where they run, run, run aimlessly. When you feel like you’re spinning in circles, all you have to do is take a small step to the right or left. Therefore, if they feel constrained in any way, all Scorpios have to do is change their routine a bit and they will notice their perspective change as well.

Sagittarius – The Clockwork

Ceaslov is a book with two meanings, both good. On the one hand, it signifies an ideal period for studying, for passing exams, for learning new things. At the same time, it shows Sagittarius natives that it is time to be very honest with themselves and accept that they still have work to do on their inner balance, and this is the best time to do so. On the other hand, Ceaslovul shows beautiful secrets revealed, such as surprises from loved ones or confession of love feelings.

Capricorn – The Sun

This card predicts success on all fronts. It can translate into material gains, overcoming some obstacles, reaching some goals. At the same time, the Sun speaks of the emergence of a love story full of passion, ups, downs and emotional turmoil. Stoic Capricorns may not feel comfortable in this position that is so foreign to them, but sometime they still have to lose their heads.

Aquarius – The Key

The key is one of the best symbols of the Lenormand system. It portends revelation of mysteries, fulfillment of destiny, liberation, awareness and success. It can also mean that Aquarius natives will meet an extremely important person who can change the course of their lives. Beyond all these aspects, for those born under this sign, the Key can also mean the enhancement of the sixth sense.

Pisces – Anchor

The Anchor card is very suitable for Pisces natives, but not because of the common aquatic valences, but because of the symbolism. The anchor means strength, stability, balance and will bring exactly these things into the lives of Pisces who need, above all, stability. More than that, the Anchor heralds the achievement of some goals, and for those who are single it can lead to a stable relationship with a loyal partner.

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