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Opposite Signs: What Are The Impossible Zodiac Relationships

There are a number of relationships in the zodiac that are difficult to establish, but from which, at the same time, we could learn a lot. Why?

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Because these relationships belong to opposite signs in the astrological chart, signs that are on the same complementary axis, which are distinguished by great differences, but at the same time could complement each other. Find out what are the most difficult relationships of the zodiac.

What do opposite signs mean?

Have you ever seen what a birth chart, an astrological chart looks like? We can call it a wheel because the signs are placed on a circle. If we join the signs to each other by lines that cross the center of this wheel, we will get 6 pairs of signs, each in opposition to the other. These are the opposite signs, both united by the same complementary axis, both characterized by the same principles, but somehow opposite: what one has well expressed, the other may have poorly expressed.

So, in the opposite signs we find the solutions to increase our strength where we are weak, we compliment ourselves with these like yin and yang, but as two substances that cannot fuse, like water and oil, it might be almost impossible to fuse the lives.

We invite you to discover the relationships between opposite signs, what are their strengths and weaknesses.

Opposite signs: Aries and Libra

Aries is direct, assertive, extroverted, eager to act and stand out, but at the same time self-centered and very attentive to their own comfort.

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In the opposite sense, Libras are gentle and empathetic, always looking to convey a message by trying to protect the other, they need peace and quiet, they are not extroverted and not as determined as Aries.

A relationship between the two is very unpredictable, bringing out all the weaknesses of each and testing the adaptability of the partners.

Only those mature natives, perhaps at an age where they already have a path in life, are independent and have created their own comfort and space in this world, can attempt to carry forward such a relationship. If they succeed, they will have a lot to learn from each other.

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Opposite signs: Taurus and Scorpio

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Taureans have a special practical sense, a sense of money and material values, of art and good taste, being at the same time tempted to have relationships with people in their spheres of interest, often immersed in some art or some social, intellectual trend. They are patient natives but known for their stubbornness. They are family oriented and need increased home comfort and a space of their own.

Scorpios, however, are intensely sentimental, magnetic and mysterious, dreamy, and not necessarily tolerant. They look at things as a whole, they can find it harder to find meaning in life, they emphasize completely different values ​​in life than Taurus, and they are more curious and eager to explore. Tauruses may feel pushed forward by Scorpios, and the latter may say they don’t like the Taurus routine.

If they manage to overcome all the differences between them, the stars still bring good news: they will get along wonderfully in bed.

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Opposite signs: Gemini and Sagittarius

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Gemini and Sagittarius are simply signs that see the same truth from completely different angles. Let a Gemini argue with a Sagittarius and the argument can go on forever because each is right in their own way and neither is willing to give up their arguments or be persuaded by ideas they don’t resonate with.

Gemini can travel a lot, they can easily move away from their roots, they know a lot of people, they seem sociable, but they are also mysterious when it comes to their personal life. As open as a Gemini native may seem, it is difficult to penetrate their life.

Sagittarians are sometimes inattentive, others may consider them boastful or eager to stand out, they easily expose their personal lives, they are often accused of “leaving the house”, they love order and do not tolerate routine. They need a special freedom that Gemini natives may not understand.

A relationship between the two is quite difficult, but possible if the two have the same goals in life and a relatively similar way of living (for example they like to travel).

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Opposite signs: Cancer and Capricorn

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Cancer is a warm, empathetic, family and loving sign, romantic and dreamy. Cancers are sensitive to the direct words of others, especially when it comes to criticism.

Capricorn loves work, spends long hours working, is more practical and direct, more organized and meticulous, less patient than Cancer and emphasizes career.

A relationship between the two would mean that they would agree to make a more “traditional” couple, where Capricorn works and takes care of business, and Cancer takes care of the home and family. In modern life, it is quite difficult to create such a rhythm for a couple where the two partners are so different.

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Opposite signs: Leo and Aquarius

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Leo is a born leader, enthusiastic, and with high self-esteem. Sometimes more stubborn, extroverted and eager to get the attention of others, Leo easily stands out and sometimes tends to bring the spirit of leadership to the couple as well.

Aquarius, however, needs freedom, empathy, and acceptance, but also needs to be understood in his revolutionary ideas. He is a revolutionary thinker and can be quite mysterious and introverted at times.

In the relationship with Leo, the biggest enemy would be the ego of the two. The emotional needs of the two are very different and it can be very difficult for the two of them to fulfill each other’s needs.

The two can have a lasting relationship if Leo accepts Aquarius’s need for freedom and extravagance, and the latter accepts to praise Leo from time to time and let him feel that he is the “boss” in the relationship.

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Opposite signs: Virgo and Pisces

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Virgos are perfectionists, meticulous and talkative, altruistic and jovial, and analytical. For Virgo natives, planning and recording results are important steps in whatever they do.

On the opposite pole, Pisces natives are dreamy and intuitive, they act in their sphere, a somehow separate, individual one. Pisces natives have a special depth in seeing the world, in deciphering the truth, they can also see the lights and shadows of the same truth. If you’ve ever had an argument with a Pisces native, you surely know the amazement we experience when we learn their point of view. As much as we would like to contradict them, they have their share of justice.

In addition, Pisces act intuitively, they don’t always follow a career path, they prefer to live their lives beautifully, or they can go to the other extreme when they plan everything and need control in everything.

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A relationship between the two natives is quite difficult. It may be possible if the Pisces native is career-driven, detail-oriented, and loves planning. Or if the native Virgo gives the Pisces enough space and freedom to express themselves at will.

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