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2023: These Are The 5 Most Scariest Signs Of The Zodiac You Should NEVER F’ With

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Taurus are the ones you should stay away from when they’re mad. They do not compromise when they are angry.

And what’s even worse is that due to their stubbornness, they will not cool down so easily.

Usually, when they’re mad, they have a damn good reason to act like that and they are the loudest when it comes to a fight.

So the best thing is to just back down, leave them alone, and wait for them to calm down. Otherwise, you can get seriously hurt!

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Leos are very dramatic and loud. It’s quite normal since they crave attention so much.

They need to be in the spotlight, and they will get there one way or the other.

When they are angry, they will never back down. Usually, they think everything they say is right and there is no other way.

The same thing is with fights. Also, they will say literally anything to the person they are mad at.

They will insult them harshly and won’t regret it ever. They become blinded by their anger.

Even if they snapped for no good reason, they will never admit it and apologize. One helpful tip: Let sleeping dogs (and lions) lie.

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Scorpios are like: “I’m ready for you b**ch! Bring it!!” They are really dangerous to be around when they’re angry. They refuse to admit they can be wrong.

These people tend to be very assertive and thinking they’re right all the time.

The thing with Scorpios is that you won’t even be aware they are angry with you because they will be totally passive aggressive.

And then they will comment something in an insulting and hurtful way, out of the blue. You won’t even know what hit you! Keep an eye on Scorpios—they can be very sneaky.

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A Sag is a time bomb. Watch out for this sign when in a bad mood. They are usually very nice and decent, but when they freak out, it’s going to be an explosion you’ll never forget.

Their favorite means of lashing out in anger are with words. And boy, do they know how to use them.

It’s a screaming match you can’t and don’t even try to win. Just let them calm down, because luckily when they cool off, they tend to apologize for their behavior.

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Capricorns are usually rational and down-to-earth people. They will endure a lot of things and they will keep it all in.

But, when you cross that line (and it’s a line placed waaaay up high), you better run. If you managed to get a Capricorn angry, run and don’t look back.

When they are mad they will talk back to anyone in a condescending way and their words really do hurt. Also, they will release their anger on the first person they see.

Usually, they are very peaceful, but if you see a Capricorn angry, do not talk to him or her—just turn around and go the other way.

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