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2023: Good Husbands Ranked From Best To Worst (According To Their Zodiac Sign)

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They are very loyal men. They tend to be traditional and they find family and friends to be two of the most important aspects of their life.

They will never hurt you intentionally, let alone cheat on you. If they don’t feel the flame burning anymore, they will be honest with you about it but they will never cheat on you.

They will respect and honor you as long as they are with you and you will feel really lucky that you landed the best husband of the zodiac.

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They simply have a beautiful soul. They will love and cherish you for the rest of your days.

They will never let something or someone hurt you. They’ll make sure you are never missing anything from your life.

Sometimes they can be a bit jealous but that is not the sick kind of jealousy but the good kind of jealousy.

They just love and miss their partner so much and they also get scared of losing you sometimes.

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They will want to please you in any way they can. Due to their insane creativity, they will do a bunch of romantic stuff for you that you never expected to happen.

They will make sure that there is enough money coming in to the house and that you feel secure and loved.

Their sensitive side is also a plus but sometimes it can be a bit over the top. But with having a Pisces for your husband, nothing is hard to handle.

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It’s well-known that Capricorns are a bit traditional and uptight but that doesn’t mean that they are not a great husband.

They will make sure you’re taken care of financially and they will always have a plan for the future.

They are also very romantic and they don’t fight that much. Well, only when there are money issues.

But overall, they are a really caring and wonderful husband.

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It’s a fact that Leos care deeply about themselves and their egos.

But what not a lot of people know is that Leos are known to be very loyal. When they love someone, they will never let that person go.

They are very protective and loyal and they love to laugh. If you are more of a person who wants to have fun, then definitely pick a Leo for your husband. He is hilarious and his laughter is just captivating.

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They are very kind and warm-hearted. They will devote their time to you but the thing about them is that they like to stay at home.

They like to work from home and they are not that outdoorsy. So if you’re thinking of spending some time alone, don’t hope to do it at home, as he is always going to be there.

For his sake, you should draw him out of the house every now and then. Go for a walk or out to dinner. Do something outside of the house.

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Gemini men are usually all over the place and they don’t commit that easily. A Gemini is more of a free-spirited person who doesn’t like to be tied down.

But if you manage to catch a Gemini, you have to know that they will treat you the same way you treat them.

If you’re nice to them, they will be nice to you and if you don’t treat them right, they can get very cheeky and a bit mean.

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Sex is screaming from deep inside of them. They are very passionate and they radiate this sexy energy all around them.

A Scorpio is a beautiful husband but sometimes it’s hard to trust them. Due to their energy and how they interact with other people, you can’t be quite sure if he is going to stay faithful.

A Scorpio will keep his promises but you won’t ever be able to figure out if there is something he is not telling you.

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You can be sure right away that an Aries just won’t stay faithful to you.

It’s not that he doesn’t care for you and so will jump into bed with every other girl he sees, it’s just that they are like that and they can’t help it.

They really try to stay faithful but their adventurous spirit and the need to constantly be on the move is what prevents them from being faithful.

But there is a way to deal with all of that and that is to try to talk to him and then see what happens because an Aries is very reasonable.

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Their biggest flaw is that they expect way too much. They will give you a lot but their expectations in return are just going to be insane.

They will help you in fulfilling your dreams but while you are going through a crazy time, they’ll expect you to put your problems aside and deal with their own.

One thing that can separate the two of you is the problem of those high expectations because he’ll definitely get to the point where he’ll ask you to do something you simply can’t do.

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They are very closed up people and it’s so hard to talk to them. So you can easily turn off the communication with them, which is a huge problem right from the start.

They know what they want from marriage and from you but the thing is that you don’t.

You can’t read minds and it’s simply impossible for you to understand how he feels and what he wants.

He just has to spill it all out!

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They are a bit too good and people take advantage of that. They are perfect to you.

They take care of you and they make you smile. You feel loved and there is nothing else to it.

But they act so friendly and loving with you and not just you. They act that way with all people, including other women.

Also, they are very likable and charismatic which is a plus for them and for you but for other women too.

Don’t be surprised if your Libran does favors for others, including other women who may take advantage of that.

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