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The Astrological Events Of January Calm The Storms 2023

January is a month that will do a lot of good to all people. In numerology, January carries the vibrations of tranquility and self-awareness.

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A new cycle of evolution, change, peace, and happiness begin. We close the chapter, leave behind everything that was and move on with our lives. The energies of the Universe are more intense than ever and give us the courage to free ourselves from the karma of the past and transform ourselves.

We come out from under the influence of the New Moon in Virgo, go through all the energetic changes of the summer, and move towards a new beginning: January, the first month of autumn, a month that comes with divine gifts: spiritual awakening, supreme balance, clarity, inner strength and moments incredible mind-soul connection.

January is a month that will do a lot of good to all people. In numerology, January carries the vibrations of tranquility and self-awareness.

The main themes from January are the following:
– happiness;
– stability;
– silence;
– creativity;
– love;
– harmony;
– order

Let’s take a detailed look at the astrological events of January :

January 5: Venus enters Virgo and restores integrity in relationships

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After an eventful journey through the fiery realms of the adventurous Leo, Venus enters Virgo, the sign of emotional wisdom and spiritual alignment, and will remain here until the end of January .

Venus in Virgo urges us to accept the hard reality and almost forces us to be honest with ourselves and learn how to allow the heart to yearn for something more meaningful in your life. There is a door in the Universe where we can take all our misaligned attachments, judgments and assumptions about relationships and finances.

January 10: Mercury retrograde in Libra

Mercury, the cosmic messenger, officially changes direction and enters retrograde in Libra between January 10-24. From January 24, he will move to Fecioara, where he will stay until October 3.

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Mercury retrograde is not here to destroy lives or create problems. These are, however, critical phases for realigning, resetting, reorganizing and revising personal projects, relationships with the people around us or even the connection we have with ourselves.

The vital themes of this retrograde: are relationships, social groups, personal values, new dimensions of creative potential.

January 10: Full Moon in Pisces

The first full moon of autumn 2022 moves our souls. It’s time for moments full of enchantment and magic. The January Full Moon comes loaded with increased awareness, creative energy, compassion, empathy and tears. During this period, the boundaries between mysticism and reality fade, the Universe encouraging us to open our souls to the spiritual guidance that appears as signs, coincidences or messages received in dreams.

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January 23: The autumnal equinox and the Sun in Libra open a new chapter

January 23rd marks the beginning of the autumnal equinox. The Sun enters Libra at the point of complete recalibration and restart. We connect to light and darkness. In astrology, the autumnal equinox is the middle point, a strong transition in the year that radically changes souls for the next season. During this period, the Cosmos rebalances, offering us an opportunity for self-reflection. The Sun is also in Libra, helping us to review the past, learn the lessons and start over – stronger, braver, and more careful on our way.

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January 24: Mercury retrograde enters Virgo and urges us to analyze things from several perspectives

During this cycle, we learn to open our minds and pay attention to details. We decide what is valuable in our life, what must be kept, and why we must free ourselves. The universe tells us that there is a slight battle with ourselves that must be fought in order to have harmony and peace in the near future.

January 26: New Moon in Libra

The New Moon in Libra opens the door to eclipses from the second half of this year. The first New Moon of this autumn acts as a bridge of light in our lives; the energy of this period brings relationships to our attention: if we learn that diversity in relationships is the key to growth, then we can change the stories around us.

January 30: Venus enters Libra

Venus enters Libra helping us to enjoy harmonious changes. We encourage compromise, accept the course of destiny and trust in the power of the Universe. The lessons brought by Venus will help us learn how important relationships are with those around us; the energy that unites us with beautiful souls is a divine one.

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