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January Horoscope: Leos Start The Year Strong 2023

Find out what the stars are preparing for you for the first month of 2023 and see how to attract luck to your side!

Read your January horoscope and get ready for what’s to come!

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Mercury continues to be retrograde until January 18th. Here’s what January will be like for each zodiac sign.

January Horoscope 


The January mantra for Aries will be “after work, and reward”. As you work, as you dedicate yourself, as you invest, you will be rewarded accordingly. Focus on your own strengths and knowledge and you will only gain. Trust yourself and listen to your gut when it comes to new projects and earnings. In other words, go for it, you won’t go wrong!

In love, you start the year in the best possible way! Harmony reigns in your couple, but the ultimate challenge is maintaining it. You have to take care and pay attention to the needs of the one next to you. Mercury will be retrograde until January 18th and things will not go smoothly.

That is exactly why you have to be careful and, very importantly, not to ignore everything. Small troubles, delays, misunderstandings are part of the “talents” of Mercury retrograde and you don’t have to give them water to the mill.

If you are single and looking for “that person”, the first part of the month is far from being too pleasant. Mercury retrograde is also messing around in your love sector, so it might be best to focus on other things that are important to you and be patient. After January 18, when Mercury changes sign, your love life will know a spectacular flowering. You just have to be ready for it!


You have never shied away from work, work has never scared you, and you have always believed that the only way to achieve substantial earnings is through hard work.

January starts, for you, with a lot of appetite for work and new projects. You will have some delays in your income, but the money will come to you at the end of the month. You just have to be patient!

Mercury retrograde also brings shadows into married life. Little misunderstandings arise over small matters, but which have the power to affect you at the deepest level. It is important to maintain a high level of communication, care and attention to your partner to avoid unpleasant events. After January 18, things will return to normal.

The natives are among those who will feel quite strongly the influence of Mercury retrograde, especially in the first week of January. Any action you initiate in the first half of the month will prove doomed to failure, so it would be best to use this time in your own interest, for personal development.

This is the only way you will feel that time is not wasted. The end of January will find you in great shape. The last days of the month will be unforgettable!


You are extremely concerned about the financial aspect. You need money or are raising money for a personal project (vacation or home improvement) and things don’t go the way you want them to, and that throws you off the rails a bit. You have to set real goals and follow all the key points to get where you want to be. January’s watchword is planning.

Mercury retrograde affects you on every level of your being and married life is an aspect where the impact can be dramatic. You have doubts about your partner more than ever. Without proper management of this problem, you can reach a major crisis, which you can overcome, but that does not mean that it will not leave traces.

Some couples may even end up breaking up. Fortunately, things improve considerably towards the end of the month. Patience is the key word of this period.

Single natives start the year with big plans, they want a personal change in the way they act. You come to the conclusion that being single is a consequence of your behavior and you want to make small changes. First of all, they will also suit you well in other ways and it is advisable to be open to change. Towards the end of the month, you will have the opportunity to “practice” these small changes, when you will meet someone new and you will have to take action.


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The month of January starts well for Cancers and marks a good start for 2023 as well. Although Mercury is retrograde and sudden changes occur, you will manage to turn them into an advantage and orchestrate everything in your favor. You will know financial success in this first month of the year, and this will define your strategy for the following.
You love with all your being and show the greatest power of sacrifice for the person next to you, but in a couple it takes two. You can’t do everything by yourself, the couple relies on two people. You will feel lonely and abandoned at the beginning of the month. You will have the impression that everything rests on your shoulders, and your partner increases this impression.
If you analyze carefully, you will see how things are, in fact, and have a discussion with the one with whom you set out on the road.

Single Cancers enjoy success with the opposite sex and should appreciate it.

The first part of the month will be quite difficult, and Mercury retrograde does not allow relationships to develop in a healthy way, so it is best to leave things as they are and control your tendency to take the initiative decisively. It is wiser to wait. The last part of the month will be dedicated to decisions about a person they have recently met: do you give them a chance or not?


Leos start the year strong, overflowing with energy and new ideas. With a little discipline, nothing can stand in their way. They will be unstoppable when they set a goal. New opportunities for collaboration arise, new fields to explore and you accept challenges without thinking. January’s watchword for Leos is courage.

On the sentimental level, Leos who are in a relationship go through a stage that is meant to reset things from the ground up.

Mercury retrograde affects you too and brings changes to the table that require complicated discussions. You decide to be extremely honest about the terms of this relationship, and you state your expectations nonchalantly, just as you state your offer. You know what you’re getting into this relationship and you know what you want, and things seem simple to you. It is important to see what is the opinion

of the partner. You’ll be fine with this discussion because things seem to be heating up between you. The end of the month has some magical days in store for you.

Single Leos have a rough start in love in January. The holidays have drawn them to melancholy and January begins with a period in which you devote your time to analyzing the past. It’s a useful exercise every time and will stand you in good stead for the future.

The end of January holds surprises for you. You may meet someone and the month of love may find you with butterflies in your stomach.


It’s the month of paid policies for Virgos. Everything that remained untaxed from the past, you will compensate now. Changes are happening at work and it’s your time. You will benefit greatly from these changes, you will advance in your career and you will also have the opportunity to look into the eyes of the people who have hindered you in the past.

Emotionally, your life is a bit turbulent at the beginning of the year. Some natives are serious about taking the next step in the relationship, while others need to renegotiate the terms of the relationship and this will lead them into troubled waters. Mercury retrograde has a knack for bringing secrets to the surface and these discussions only bring up disturbing things.

Either way, this discussion needs to happen to clarify the direction your relationship is headed.

If you are single and looking for your soul mate, you might be surprised to find him next to you. It is about a person who was in your entourage for a long time, but you never looked at him with different eyes. This time, other eyes are opened and you will be amazed at the compatibility between you.


Libras are lucky financially this month. Everything is going well for them, and without investing much effort, the money comes to them. You shouldn’t lie on your back and start thinking that it will always be like this. Enjoy the moment, but keep your wits about you!

On the sentimental level, Libras who are involved in a relationship have some obstacles to overcome. Mercury retrograde is a master of sudden changes and revealed secrets, so in your couple, a situation from the past that you thought was over may only now appear. Whether it’s an affair of yours or your partner’s, or some money spent wrongly, it’s certain that these things are there now and the atmosphere will not be pleasant at all.

Towards the end of the month, things will start to calm down little by little.

Single Libras have nice surprises from unpleasant situations. A breakdown, a fight, an accident or a change of plans at the beginning of the month may lead you to a new person, by whom you will be amazed and won over.


Scorpios have a major conflict at work this month, from which they win on one side and lose on the other. With a little care and diplomacy, you can turn a loss into a win, but you have to take care of all the details if you want to do this so that you don’t suffer in the long run.

In your married life, you have to go through a rather difficult period with many obstacles, but you are favored by the stars, so any conflict you have will end in your favor.

Your partner will blame you for things from the past and that will not do you any good because you are not a man of the past, you do not like to live in the past. You will succeed in making him/her understand that these discussions are useless and peace will return between you.

Single Scorpios are success-oriented and look for a person to evolve with, perhaps even one who will substantially help them in this evolution. Basically, he’s looking for a good game to win on all fronts.


You start the year with enthusiasm and a promise to yourself that you will not repeat the mistakes of the past. One of your colleagues is making your situation difficult at work, which you will understand in time.

It’s important to stay focused on what you have to do and achieve your goals.

On a sentimental level, some problems in the family spill over into married life and this spoils the atmosphere and leads to unpleasant discussions with the partner. Mercury retrograde comes with sudden changes and shocking news and you will have to face these challenges. For you, January will be the month of compromise if you want your relationship to move forward.

Sagittarians who are single and looking for the right person are willing to look anywhere, but the right person for them is not where they think it would be. The end of the month reserves for some of the natives a surprise of proportions and brings out their soul mate when they least expect it.


January is your month, from all points of view, but especially financially! The recognition of all the work comes now and gives you immense joy. In addition, pen-to-pen pulls. Earnings now generate other earnings. You will start the year in a better way!

In the couple’s life, in the first part of the month, Capricorns feel misunderstood and this is where conflicting discussions with their partner appear, discussions that Capricorn does not like at all. He wants the person next to him to be the first one to understand him best, and in the current situation that doesn’t happen and he feels completely abandoned.

Towards the end of the month, things start to improve and you seem to reach a common denominator again.

Lonely Capricorns are fickle, although they desperately seek stability. Mercury retrograde brings some problems in their personal life and makes their searches difficult, but they have fun and that’s what satisfies them.


Change is the key word of January for you. You have to make a decision about the job and that will bring about changes. With a careful, honest and thorough analysis, you can choose the option that will change your life – give you a restart in your career and substantially increase your income.

In married life, the moment of a decision is approaching, and Mercury retrograde takes this aspect to a higher level.

A major change is about to happen in the life of Aquarius, and this can deeply affect your relationship. Unfortunately, there is no way around it. All you can do is try to make it as easy as possible – open communication between you can help. It’s important to keep calm.

Lonely Aquarians go through a period dominated by confusion. The beginning of the month is difficult, and Mercury retrograde is only putting sticks in the wheels. In the second half of the month, your zest for life seems to return and your expectations become clearer.

Don’t forget that to find what you want, you have to know exactly what you want!


The month starts with good news for you, especially if you have been enterprising in the past. At work, you’re waiting for a raise you’ve been asking for for too long and it seems like it’s taking a while to come, but you get firm assurance that it will happen.

On a sentimental level, peace reigns in married life, but that’s exactly what seems not to satisfy you. You have been seriously thinking for some time whether you made the right choice about the person who is next to you now. You have serious doubts about your future together and want to straighten things out.

The advice of the stars is not to make decisions with Mercury retrograde, so try to be patient.

Single fish will experience pleasant surprises on a sentimental level only from the second half of the month. Interesting people come their way at every turn so all they have to do is choose and try their luck.

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