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The Only Wedding Guide You’ll Ever Need (According To The Zodiac)


An outdoor location is the perfect venue in your book. Backyard-weddings, sandy beaches or mountain resorts sound dreamy.

Still you will want to have a Plan B in case the weather decides to mess with your plans.

Food, decorations and outfits will be related to the venue. You know that beauty is in the details; that’s why you will pay attention to them.

Magnolia flowers should definitely be a part of your wedding bouquet.
You won’t have to worry much about your honeymoon location. All you need is a man you love, a sandy beach, sunshine and a cocktail to be happy.


Same as Aries, you love outdoor destinations. But if you get to pick, you would without a doubt go for a beach wedding. The fewer the people the better.

You are totally fine with being just you, the love of your life, the best man and the maid of honour. You don’t want a big wedding with a lot of people.
Guitar music will nicely fit the whole theme of a beach wedding. Like a real Taurus, you want to make sure that there is some delicious food and fine beverages afterword.

You want your wedding to be hedonistic enjoyment, not a big, stressful mess.

As for your bouquet, you will have a hard time deciding between sunflowers, roses and lilies. But once you find your wedding dress, you will know which flower will be just what you need.


You will go for a violet and white theme that will reflect your dualistic nature. It will also show your love for simple, classic glamour.

You will be torn between an intimate wedding for two in the Maldives and a big event that will include your entire family. You will know when that day comes just which one to chose.

A honeymoon is a must if you don’t go on a destination wedding for two. As soon as you throw your bouquet (probably made of lavender), you and your other half will ride into the sunset of some tropical beach.


Your wedding day is something you have dreamt of for the better part of your life. So you probably already have some ideas up your sleeve.

Your inner romantic will want everything to be fairytale-like. Everything will be classy and glamorous even if your budget is tight.

There’s no getting you off your track. You are amazingly creative, so there might be some things you will make all by yourself for your big day.

Handmade wedding invitations, thank you notes, and wedding decorations are just to get you started. You will choose roses, soft colors, and golden details for your bouquet and overall decor.

Your wedding will be an event that could easily put the royal family to shame.


Everyone will expect a queen-worthy wedding and it will be, but not everyone will be a part of it. You will go for something more intimate.

For you, the most important thing about the wedding is the two people standing at the end of the aisle, and you will mostly be concentrating on your significant other.

You will both write your own vows and declare your eternal love to each other in the presence of a small group of friends and family or even just you and the witnesses if you go for a destination wedding in some tropical resort.

You will go small with the number of people, but you will go big in everything else. If you manage to afford a luxury location, you won’t think twice about it.

If you can’t, you will go for an outdoor wedding with a dash of luxury incorporated into it. You like strong colors, so red should definitely be your theme color.

A honeymoon is a must, and you won’t think much about the location—anywhere you can rest and be pampered as the queen you are…accompanied by your king of course…will be just perfect.


When it comes to your wedding day, you will want it to be perfect which might cause additional stress.

So a word of advice is in order: relax, and realize that the only thing which will ever be perfect is the love you and your significant other feel for each other. Everything else can’t and doesn’t have to be perfect.

Now that we have that covered, we can proceed to your venue. You will analyze all the choices, but in the end, it will be a fall or winter wedding.

Nature will do it’s magic for your special day. If you chose a fall wedding, the trees’ changing colors will ensure you have perfect photos.

On the other hand, if you chose winter, you will want to be surrounded by snow and hold your wedding reception somewhere warm and cozy—perhaps a mountain resort would do the trick.

Camellias and sweet peas in your floral decorations or wedding bouquet will look just perfect. Sparkly lights, great food and wine, the two of you and a couple of your closest people will be all you need to make this day unforgettable.


While your wedding day is on the horizon, you will be floating on cloud nine. You wanted to find true love your whole life, and finally that day has arrived.

You won’t stress over petty things, but you will do your best to make your dream wedding become a reality.

Your wedding will be regal, simple and classy. You will combine indoor and outdoor locations—preferably a restaurant that has all that covered.

You will want to share that special day with your friends and family, and it’s going to be a big occasion.

As for your bouquet, you will go with pastel color roses which will perfectly reflect your mild nature.

Your top 3 perfect honeymoon locations are Europe( Mediterranean), an island in Thailand or Bora Bora. But anywhere where you have a warm climate, nature, peace and a love nest for two is just perfect.


It’s in your nature to be different. You don’t bow down to convention, and you don’t care what anybody thinks you should do.

On your wedding ,you want you and your partner to focus on each other. Everything else is less important. All you want to do on your special day is celebrate the love you have for one another.

The best choice for you is to elope. You don’t need to go to Vegas necessarily, but you need to go to some place that means a lot to you and your partner or a place you’ve always talked about visiting together.

You won’t think about flowers or your wedding gown; you will keep things simple. The good thing about eloping is that your wedding destination and your honeymoon destination are one and the same.


You are the adventurer of the zodiac, and you definitely won’t go for an entirely traditional wedding. You will keep the things you like and add some of your flair.

You will definitely want your friends and family to be there and share your happiness on this special day.

And you plan on making it special. You don’t want expensive restaurants or a beach wedding because they’re pretty common, and you don’t fall into that group.

That’s why a wedding venue near a lake is just magnificent in your book. You will want to find a place where your wedding guests can eat, drink and dance until dawn, and you will also make sure they have accommodations nearby.

So start googling your nearest lake resorts. Something romantic and beautiful is bound to come up.

Once you have that covered, you will make sure to use your flair and create a rustic wedding setting.

As for colors, copper and light blue just might be what you are looking for. They reflect your outgoing and charming personality.


As a Capricorn, you really appreciate art and architecture. That’s why a vintage venue would be just perfect for you. You won’t mind paying a little extra if you connect with a certain location.

You will honour tradition. Formal attire will be in order. Champagne. A table full of delicious food. Classy wedding decorations.

A wedding is a big deal, and you will go big. You won’t invite random people. You will invite all who are close to your heart, and you will want to make that day as unforgettable for them as it is for you.

You will stick to more classical choices and probably go with white and green as the dominant colors in your wedding decorations.

Italy is your dream honeymoon destination, and if you can manage it financially, it will definitely be your first choice.

Your backup choice will be a nearby spa resort in which you and your one and only can be pampered and pamper each other.

All in all, after a big wedding, plenty of rest, relaxation and love is all you really want and need.


You will literally surprise everyone on your wedding day. They will expect darker colors and you will give them brightness. They will expect a destination wedding, and you will go for an intimate ballroom setting.

Even on this special day, you are making a statement that proves to all the people around you that they can’t read you and that you are full of surprises.

Your wedding theme will be described as elegance. White will be the dominant color in the spacious ballroom. Your bouquet will be in pastel colors, and your gown will definitely be simple and elegant.

You will want people to dance and have fun, so you will find a perfect band or a DJ who will set the mood.

At the end of the day, you will finally get some alone time with your partner as you start your honeymoon trip. You will probably choose a seaside location rich with historic buildings and museums.


Like a true Pisces, one thing’s for sure: your wedding venue will be near water. All you have to do now is choose between sea, lake or riverside.

Your wedding can be held out in the open, on the boat or in a wedding tent. No matter what you choose, one thing’s for sure: you will be a real princess on your wedding day.

Your romantic nature will go for a lace dress, an orchid or Calla lily bouquet, and an overall vintage-themed wedding.

You are an old soul who wants to mix the old with the new, the traditional with the modern, and you will manage to do so perfectly.

As for your honeymoon, once again, like a real mermaid, you will want to be near water. You will be happy even if it’s a simple hotel with a spa and a pool, and if you are near the ocean, you will be even happier.

You won’t complicate things much because at the end of the day, it’s not about where you travel. It’s about who you travel with.

The Only Wedding Guide You’ll Ever Need (According To The Zodiac)
The Only Wedding Guide You’ll Ever Need (According To The Zodiac)

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