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Love Horoscope For The Last Week Of The Year

A week full of challenges is coming!

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week and see how to attract luck to your side! Read your love horoscope for the week of December 26, 2022 – January 1, 2023!

On December 29th, Mercury begins its retrograde transit, and as we all know, things don’t quite go as we thought or hoped when Mercury is retrograde. Which signs will the stars favor this week and which ones will not be so lucky?
This is what this last week of 2022 will be like on a sentimental level!

Read your love horoscope for the week of December 26, 2022 – January 1, 2023 



You start the week full of energy and zest for life and fun plans. Unfortunately, your partner may not agree with you, and from here there may be small conflicts that can degenerate towards the end of the week. Try not to make hasty decisions, although you will need to.

Aries looking for a soulmate are in luck as soon as the week starts.

It is possible to meet a person who will conquer them completely, but they must be careful and patient to get to know that person very well. They might be attracted to something deceptive…




The love plan is the favored one at the beginning of the week. If you are involved in a relationship, things are going as well as possible between you. You see eye to eye, agree on everything and look forward to the Holidays to enjoy each other.

Single Tauruses choose to stay focused on family and reuniting with loved ones for the Holidays, without paying attention to the sentimental plan, although there will certainly be uncomfortable questions on this topic from relatives.




The couple’s relationship is going through a turbulent time and only time can heal the traumas you both have.

The important thing to understand now is that if you don’t really want yourself, there’s no point in fighting anymore. You have some important decisions to make.

If you are single and looking for a relationship, know that now is not the best time. Nothing is on the horizon and you should set your expectations if you don’t want to be disappointed.




On a sentimental level, the possessiveness you show without a partner will cause you problems this week. The insecurity you face could ruin your relationship, or at least disturb it for a while.

Lonely Cancers meet a lot of new people this week and try their luck with each one. In the end, you’ll realize that you’re not really attracted to any of them.




The pride that characterizes you can sometimes make you take drastic decisions, often full of cruelty, in the aspects that bother you.

You are about to make such a decision regarding your relationship as a couple. Mercury retrograde can accentuate this tendency and your decision may lead to a conclusion.

Lonely Leos are bombarded with offers and invitations, but selfishness makes them prefer their own company and not want to invest time in anything else.




Mercury retrograde has a strong impact on you. Unfortunately, as a couple you have some discussions that escalate and you end up saying things to each other that you can no longer take back. Those in a relationship may be helpless witnesses to its end.

Single Virgos meet a new person, they are conquered on the spot, but this will be the hardest lesson of this year.

Disappointment will not be long in coming, and the last week of this year finds you lonely and sad.



In love, you have to be very careful because it is not at all like in fairy tales, and true love, however, needs support. Mercury retrograde brings sudden changes, news that takes you by surprise, disturbing things you discover by accident, and things will not be good at all between you,

Libras who are looking for a partner/partners are full of hope, but the end of the week cuts them off. Mercury retrograde does not give in and pokes its nose into all aspects.




In love, milk and honey flow in the life of Scorpios involved in a relationship.

As never before, now is a time marked by peace and harmony. Although Mercury retrograde brings trouble on other levels, with the help of your partner, nothing seems insurmountable.

Single Scorpios enjoy the company of family and friends these days and reconnect with the truly important people in their lives. Your better half can wait a little longer!




With a little care, you can have a beautiful week on a sentimental level with your partner. Some couples may decide to take the next step, be it marriage or having a child.

Single Sagittarians can fall madly in love in the last hundred meters of this year.

Be careful, however, Mercury retrograde can reserve some surprises for you and not always pleasant ones.




Mercury retrograde causes you quite big problems in love as well. Delayed decisions now become acute and you must choose. If you are involved in a relationship, you should be honest with yourself before making a decision.

Single Capricorns know frustration on a sentimental level. Romantics at heart, they don’t want to waste time with people who don’t meet one hundred percent of their expectations and, not surprisingly, given how demanding they are, it’s not easy to find such a person!




On a sentimental level, you can have a really good time if you are very attentive to your partner’s needs.

He/she might be going through a more difficult phase of life and not tell you about it. It’s important to show your support if you want them to feel comfortable talking about their concerns.

Aquarians looking for the love of their life can cross off 2022. That miracle won’t happen this last week, unfortunately.




Get over this period well. If you are in a relationship, the burden is carried by your partner, which is not exactly fair, but everything will be compensated later. Mercury is retrograde until January 18, and less pleasant moments follow.

Lonesome Pisces are, this time, the ones sending the wrong messages and disappointing the people who are interested.

You like to play with fire and especially with words, and this will drag you into unpleasant discussions.

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