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Horoscope: The Best Crystals For The Energy Of Each Sign

Lucky crystals for your sign: by wearing your stone either as a pendant, as earrings or a necklace, you will receive a special, almost magical energy.

Precious zodiac crystals are also known as astral stones or zodiac stones. In astrology, it is believed that the strength of the zodiac sign can influence the luck of your life.

Also, these stones have a lot to do with your energy and can give you strength where you need it or can temper you in some moments. By wearing these stones, you can amplify the good energies in your life, bringing healing to the mind!

Crystals for each zodiac sign

Choose the stone with which you feel a connection! Check both your zodiac sign and the ascendant, because it can also influence you.

Aries – Heliotrope, red jasper, ruby

A blood-colored stone will help you carry on your dreams with clarity and certainty. Aries is the most stubborn of the zodiac. They are also adventurous, energetic, pioneers, confident and quick-witted.

Taurus – Quartz, malachite, jade, and amber

With these stones, your innate sensitivity will complement your deep sensitivity. Taurus is passionate, patient, reliable, loving, and determined. However, they tend to be jealous, inflexible, and indulgent with themselves.

Gemini – Agate, chalcedony, fire red quartz

These crystals should create calmness and ease around your active energy. Geminis are adaptable, communicative, intellectual, and full of life. They can also be nervous, superficial, inconsistent, cunning, and curious.

Cancer – Emerald, moonstone, citrine

Wearing such a zodiac crystal will bring you a feeling of protection and security. Cancers are emotional, loving, imaginative, cautious, and sympathetic. They also tend to be capricious, too emotional, and unable to give up.

Leo – Onyx and zirconium

A Leo wearing a zodiac stone will create a better understanding of the natural order of life. Leos are usually generous, creative, enthusiastic, intelligent, and loving. They can also be pompous, authoritarian, and intolerant.

Virgo – Carnelian, Aventurine

It is said that the energies of Virgo stones will sharpen your mind for details and help you appreciate the beauty of everyday things. Virgos are modest, shy, meticulous, reliable, practical, and intelligent. They also tend to be pretentious, overly critical, perfectionist, and conservative.

Libra – Cryolite, peridot, jade, and tourmaline

These stones will help Libra to emphasize their communicative and flexible nature and help them get along with people whom others consider difficult. A Libra can be diplomatic, romantic, sociable, and conciliatory. They can also be indecisive, gullible, easily influenced, flirtatious and indulgent.

Scorpio – Beryl, rose quartz and rhodochrosite

The stones of the Scorpio sign will help you maintain harmony in the relationship of the couple, getting rid of misunderstandings and confusion. A Scorpio is determined, emotional, intuitive, passionate, and magnetic. However, these natives also tend to be jealous, compulsive, secretive, and stubborn.

Sagittarius – Citrine, topaz, and turquoise

These crystals will ensure that you can keep your emotions under control. A Sagittarius can be optimistic, freedom-loving, good-natured, honest, intellectual and philosophical. But sometimes they are overly optimistic, careless, irresponsible and restless.

Capricorn – Ruby, hematite, onyx, and obsidian

It is said that these stones bring luck, abundance, and the affinity to open the doors of success. A Capricorn can be practical, ambitious, disciplined, patient, humorous, and reserved. Those born under this sign are also pessimistic and defeatist.

Aquarius – Garnet and turquoise

These stones will help you to remain balanced and able to think clearly. An Aquarius can be friendly, honest, loyal, original, independent and intellectual. They also tend to be contrary, unpredictable, emotionless, and detached.

Pisces – Amethyst, fluorite

Wearing these crystals will give you a soothing but solid reality. This helps you to face life consciously, considering that sometimes spirituality can make you be disconnected from reality. Pisces are imaginative, sensitive, full of compassion and altruism, intuitive, and sympathetic. They are also known to be idealistic, secretive, vague, weak-willed and easy to manipulate.

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