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What addictions are prone to different zodiac signs

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People born in the same period have common inclinations and bad habits.

Why do some pass by temptations, while others easily succumb to them? Star experts are sure that the tendency to certain addictions can be explained by the position of the heavenly bodies at birth. Astrologer Anna Zorina believes that each sign of the zodiac has its own addiction.

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Often, Aries literally “burn out” like an extinguished light bulb. This also applies to their emotional and physical state. They do not know how to correctly calculate their strength, they give all the best and as a result they run out of strength. To endure such tension, they need either nerves of steel or nourishment. They are prone to alcohol addiction, they cannot live without caffeine, and they express their thirst for inner freedom in campaigns, bright concerts and travels.

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Taurus likes someone else’s presence nearby, so they are quite tactile, although they themselves may not notice this. They enjoy delicious food and entertainment, but they really depend on gambling, competition, where it is required to prove their strength and rightness. They tend to rashly bet. No less than this, they depend on their own home – they need a feeling of a strong rear behind them.

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Real Gemini representatives spend a lot of time on social media. This is because their duality and sociable nature requires you to know everything about everyone and always be on the alert. So they surround themselves with gadgets , set a lot of notifications, strive to instantly respond to messages in instant messengers. This is how real life passes by many of them.

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Cancers are afraid to be alone, they can hardly endure loneliness or parting with loved ones. We can say that they depend on them. Just as they depend on their life principles – sometimes they part with lovers or friends because of the unwillingness of Cancers to sacrifice their own principles. Strong drinks help to drown out the pain of loss. The saddest thing is that all the addictions of Cancers are easily acquired, but hard to part with them.

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The kings of the astrological circle, Leos are very dependent on the opinions of others and often this becomes a real problem for them. They need to be the best in the eyes of others, and they do everything for this. And they also don’t know how to spend money wisely – shopaholism, entertainment, anything, just to get rid of pocket-burning money. Many of them tend to abuse alcohol or cigarettes – they really enjoy tobacco and drinking and do not consider this a problem.

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Virgo Virgo strife. Some of them suffer from overeating, others are addicted to smoking, others are subject to doubts about the correctness of the choice made. They have a clear idea of ​​what their life should be like, and any achievement becomes a personal value for them. The fear of losing something from their belongings is their main problem. But they are really dependent on the order, everything should be exactly the way they like it.

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Libras may be addicted to alcohol and tobacco, but they are truly attached to their lovers. This can apply to all aspects of love – from tender feelings for the chosen one to carnal relationships . At the same time, they do not tend to change for the sake of finding a more suitable partner – they love once and for all. But they can be dependent on their hobbies – they will never give up their favorite hobby.

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Independence and stubbornness are the main problem of Scorpions. They hate when someone controls them, gives advice and guidance. Therefore, they have two choices – either change the bosses, or become bosses themselves. In addition, Scorpios have an attachment to alcoholic beverages, but they easily suppress it. But the love of  sex is not so easy to deal with – but Scorpios do not need a constant change of partners, but someone amazing. They carefully choose each of them and love to spend time with them in bed. And it is very difficult for them to refuse it.

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Sagittarians are often dependent on their own ambitions and competitive spirit. They are reckless, they strive to prove something to others and to themselves, they love to earn good money and save money. Because of the desire to have large savings, they often turn into real workaholics, and they fight fatigue with the help of alcohol.

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Capricorns take everything in life seriously, so they don’t have so many bad habits. But they are greedy – for fame, money, position in society, status in the eyes of others. That is why they are ready to do anything to save it. Despite the desire to enrich themselves, they will not work hard and work for this, unless they are guaranteed a generous reward. With this approach, they have no time for  drugs or alcohol – there is no time.

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Many Aquarians are “addicts” due to addiction to computer games and hanging on the  Internet . They hate to leave the house, often live in an imaginary world. Other Aquarians are addicted to adrenaline, they need thrills. Therefore, they go in for extreme sports, take risks where they should not. They are so fixated on their own interests that they cannot form a serious attachment to anything.

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Pisces love to drink. Alcohol helps them drown out problems. In fact, they depend on a lot of things – the opinions of others, their own high expectations, the desire for a luxurious life … When they cannot achieve what they want, apathy sets in, and only alcohol can drown out longing.

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