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This First Week Of December Will Be Disastrous For These Signs

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Astrologers reveal which zodiac signs this week look particularly difficult.

November is about to give way to December and this transition will be particularly difficult for some zodiac signs who are going to have a bad week. Find out what are the 5 signs that they will need moral support these days.

From today Monday 29 November until the end of the week some zodiac signs will have a hard time. They will not live a peaceful period and will have to try hard not to lose their temper. The next few days are going to be complicated and unfortunate events are popping up like mushrooms.

These 5 signs are going to have a bad week

Let’s say that being warned could help these signs to better deal with the problems that will affect them in the coming days. in any case, know that if a close family member or friend belongs to these signs, they will soon need psychological support. They are about to have a complicated week where several unfortunate events will follow one another.

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Catching them in a bad mood is very likely, try to be patient with them. Too many problems have hampered their psychological well-being.

Here are the signs of emotional breakdown:

1- Cancer

Cancer this week will have to expect bad news regarding their professional life. This sign has worked hard but this was not enough to not make him risk losing his job. Unjustified anger will pervade him and negatively affect his family life as well.

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2- Sagittarius

Melancholy will accompany the Sagittarius throughout the week. This sign needs constant news and can not stand the routine and will feel the weight of everyday life. This sign will experience collapse this week and will ask itself many existential questions. He will have to review ambitions and aspirations put in a drawer.

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3- Pisces

For Pisces, there is a period of enormous conflict with a person to whom he is particularly attached. The situation with this person begins to worsen drastically. This usually empathic and creative sign will feel empty. He will find calm only if he can find a way to distance himself from his emotions.

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4- Libra

Libra will go through a very devastating period from a diplomatic point of view in the sense that this usually peaceful and calm sign will feel that they have lost all their patience. Against all odds, this sign, which stands out for its diplomacy, will resent short of patience. He will be neurotic and short-tempered and those around him will find him unbearable. This sign could find peace only if they decide to take some time for themselves regardless of impending problems.

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5- Scorpio

The most mysterious sign of the zodiac will feel particularly misunderstood this week, especially by the partner. If he does not have a partner, he will feel the desire to share his life with someone because loneliness will have an insurmountable burden. To get through this nostalgic and sad week, the Scorpio will have to bring out all his strength and try not to break down.

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This First Week Of December Will Be Disastrous For These Signs

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